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Monday, June 11, 2007


While on a walk with Charli this morning, as she 'woof-woofed' at a dog that walked by, I realized that I haven't posted about all the cute words she can say!

Charli started to say "da-da" early last month but just recently has added a few new 'regulars' to her vocabulary! "ma-ma" is pretty common for her now (she used to say na-na when she wanted me!), and she throws a "da-da" in there every now and again! She also will say "ppa-pa" when she sees a puppy, and make a "oof, oof" sound too...trying to bark! One of the cutest sounds she makes is when she gets on her John Deere tractor and says "voommm-voommm"!

She really is growing up so fast, it is hard to believe that 10 1/2 short months ago she just came into this world...look how far she has come.


Anonymous said...

I did not kinow harli was starting to talk. That is very exciting. Genetically she should be a great talker!
I am nervous and excited for Friday also. The picture of you and Chad is beautiful. I am so pleased you had a chance to go on a date. Nell

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just watched your video. I try to look at your site about once a week or so just to keep up. It makes me remember that the little things in life are just really not that bad, and just to keep positive about it. It is all in Gods hands. Your little girl is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little gal-you are a very good looking family. Charlie is lucky to have such caring parents that take good care of her. Don't blame yourself for Charlie having a cold-babies just get colds. Thanks for sharing updates and we are praying for a miracle this weekend for the Priesters.