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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

thought I would post a few pictures before all the Halloween ones come later!!

such a "helper"

we went to a Halloween party...we went as ourselves, we didn't win the costume contest :(

believe it or not...neither did this guy!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

fall fun!

Charli and her daddy...we took a try at family pictures this weekend. hoping a few turned out!

chad's try at the camera!

harper thought the seeds tasted delicious!

charli has found a new love for the camera! I have found the funniest pictures on my camera lately!!

ooooo, so funny to see color pop up on a page!!

he also finds a lot of enjoyment of feeding himself - often making himself giggle!

this is how she came out of her room...I think we live a little too far east for this look. I think she has spent too much time with aunt rachelle!! AHHH-HAAA ;-)

tossing confetti at me - punk!

at the Disney Live Mickey Mouse Rockin' Road Show (or something like that!) we were in the VIP section, so we got lots of perks - like confetti and bubbles! :D

scary lion!!!

it was kind of hard to focus with mickey behind the curtains!! Before the show they played little skits on their big screen as a "pre-show". Charli could NOT be bothered by this, she told me "it isn't even real" and was a total snob about it too!!

charli*ryen*macey before the show!

pretty-pretty girl!

one of the random pictures I found!

another random shot!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

halfway thru October, really?!!

he was playing 'jack in the box' and was completely shocked when he popped up and we played peek-a-boo!!

eating at the klub Sunday night, the big kid forks are so much easier to use...and so much more fun to make noise with ;-)

having fun feeding corn to the goats, one kernel at a time. big sister doesn't always share the corn evenly, so I guess he knows to ration it out!

it took him all of about 3 seconds to mimic her doing this to climb over!

the goats love when the kids come! They get extra food and they play in the fence with them...and get them very excited!! exercise for all :-)

making dust!!

he is an excellent cone-maze maker!

you can see who is more excited to run the equipment!

having so much fun coloring after lunch!

at the pumpkin patch...!! this is SO what "family" pictures are like too!! HARPER LOOK THIS WAY!!

they each picked their pumpkin!

she loved this slide! We did it two times, and she probably would have gone for 100!

laying in the front yard checking out the stars!!

Chad and I got to enjoy a night with friends last weekend! We had a great time as usual! My sister (vicki) and her husband met us there and I reminded them why I am the fun sister :-)

Friday, October 15, 2010

2011 Hero of Hope

The following was a story in today's Columbus Telegram...

Preister honored with American Cancer Society's Hero of Hope Award

The Newman Grove Reporter was also kind enough to include a press release from the ACS in their print this week. I was also told that the Humphrey Democrat put the press release along with our family picture on their front page! I haven't been able to see the Humphrey paper yet, but know I will soon! Fun :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am following a little girl who has recently been dx with cancer and this is a portion of her latest post. It is just reminder of the things that come along with this monster for our kids. I hope it inspires you to want to fight a little harder...

I met with another Dr. today (I honestly can’t even remember what his title is). They watch Jordyn’s pituitary glands, adrenal glands and thyroid. The chances of her having weight issues, height issues and puberty issues are very likely, they will monitor her closely for life and if she needs medicine to regulate any of them they will discuss early on so she will not have any lifelong impacts. Jordyn will likely have problems conceiving children on her own, even though her ovaries are not being affected whatever triggers your brain to talk to your ovaries will be, so she will need help when she wants to have children (she will be able to conceive but possibly not naturally). Just think of the list of things I need to talk to my beautiful daughter about as she grows up…Jordyn when you grow up your teeth are going to be ruined, you may be blind in your left eye, your bones may not grow the same in your face, you may gain weight easily or not gain enough weight, you may not grow correctly and when you’re ready to have children don’t get your hopes up because it’s going to be hard for you....this is like some cruel joke…I really, really hate cancer more and more every single day.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

beautiful weather!!

we have been loving this wonderful weather we have been blessed with!! the kids love it, we love's been a great combination!! as summer winds down fall picks up and that means a different kind of busy for us!

Harper had a rough couple of days with not feeling well and "gaining" some independence, while not being quite independent enough to know!! Charli does her best to be his second mother, while still being the protective big sister when he is in trouble!

Hope you are all making great memories too!!

Charli didn't hesitate to pick footballs when she had her face painted last weekend!

she was riding int he kiddie cars, which were going to slow for her...she kept rocking back and forth to make them go faster!!

Chad and Harper swinging on the playground while Charli played with her new friends on the "big kid" set!

Charli ran in the fun run for the second time! She got 4th place this year ;-)

she was so proud of her ribbon!

however...this was the look she gave me as we left the house - she was less than impressed that we were leaving before she could eat a snack! this look just screams "welcome to your teenage years" to me. I can only imagine!!

Harper is loving his new big-kid seat! We don't trust the two kids to eat side by side yet, partially because I think Haper would swipe Charli's food and also because Charli loves to feed him...and he doesn't need that extra help! But, when we aren't all sitting down together she will still get up from her side to go over and help him get food on his spoon or give him a drink! Or...take the food she likes off his plate ;-)