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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Charli's day!

We had a fantastic day with the birthday girl today! We didn't tell her of the surprise trip to the zoo, but she did guess it as we walked to the gates! She had a great day. We took the skyfari ride, which is like a ski lift that goes above the zoo. She wasn't scared even a little...I, however, was! I hate heights!

She wanted to ride the train so badly, but the line was no less than 200 people long, and she was already spent for the day. So we headed up for snack and the gift shop! She was most concerned with getting a gift for Harper! She picked a small stuffed Lion that "roars"!

After the zoo we went to visit our friend Andy who is in the hospital at Childrens. He is currently in treatment, and has low counts. She picked out a few fun gifts for him as well!

Then, we headed to Sheels to ride the ferris-wheel. She loved that...again, I was not the biggest fan. Parental sacrifice, wonderful.

When we got home we ate her birthday supper, opened gifts, ate cake, played and went to bed! Everyone is exhausted and ready for sweet dreams!

Happy Birthday Charli, you are FOUR today! You are an amazing girl who I love more than life itself! So glad we had a wonderful day! Let's see how life changes in the next 356 days!

Charli waving to a super cute monkey! (he didn't wave back!)

since I am in charge of the camera, we don't generally get any actions shots!

our only group shot! not exactly a portrait!


she loved that she was taller than me!

a pretty butterfly! But, if you look long enough it is creepy looking! STOP LOOKING :-)

one of the amazing animals we saw on our travel above the zoo! Got amazing shots on that ride!

Charli is nearly as tall as the emperor penguin!

this was swimming above our head, comforting!

"look mom, it's Dorie" - for those who haven't seen Finding Nemo - this means nothing to you!

Charli and her dad!!!!!!! (ahhh, haa...the beauty of running this blog!!)


red tongue after snack! A combination of a smile and tongue shot!

giggle smile in front of her one of her bday gifts! A toy box...she IS excited about it! Harper has a blue one with an elephant and basketball hoop! Charli's has a monkey and hippo! They are adorable, and if you have kids you need one too!!

happy birthday!!

he ate all of Chad's cake! And, threw a fit when it was gone!


Thanks for the extra special birthday wishes from our friends in South Africa!!
Check out their blog and learn of their journey through NB and now amazing family!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Charli!

Dear Charli,
Happy birthday to an amazing blessing of this world! Tomorrow we not only celebrate your birthday, but your life! Your birthday will also signify the 2nd chance we received with you, and that is an event I can't put into words. Each day I think about how lucky we are to have you, and each year when you blow out more and more candles on your cake it is a reminder of how blessed we are to have you in our life. Thank you for choosing us to love...and we promise to continue to do the best we can for you and with you. Have a great day, because you deserve it...and not many can say that!! We love you!!

when comparing her little body to my hands, she looks like a baby doll!!

looks a little like her baby brother here!!

such a fun age!

personality radiates!

Happy 4th birthday Charli! You have changed and grown up so much in the past year, I am proud of you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

4th birthday party - day!!

Charli in her new PJ's she got from her great-grandma and great-grandpa...she could not WAIT to get these on for bed the night of her birthday party!!!

Landon was admitted to the ER last week with some complications from his abdominal surgery last year when he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. I surprised them with a visit, traveled there Sunday night and stayed most of the day Monday! It was a great visit...wish I could have stayed for days!!

Chad and Charli went hunting last weekend. I use the word loosely! Charli had a great time, and Chad enjoyed taking her! They both came home with lots of stories to tell :-) Somehow didn't get the picture posted of her after she fell on Chad's prowler! She was hot and tired after a long day of hunting!

a typical look from Harper, but one that it hard to catch with the camera!

went to Lincoln on Friday to experience the National Special Olympics. I knew I wanted to take Charli down to be apart of it, but was certain it wasn't going to work out. After more thought I realized it was something we couldn't pass up! After I decided we would attend a basketball game, I found out that the game we were going to watch was one that Chad's cousin was playing in! It was so much fun to watch all the participants and absorb the energy! The kids were way into the game! Charli enjoyed cheering for both teams, and her baby even enjoyed herself! Harper clapped eachtime any play was made, and loved the excitment! This picture is of Chad's cousin Meghan after their game, where they won 2nd place. WAY TO GO TEAM NEBRASKA!!!

loving on blackberries! While this child may never stop eating, he eats foods that are very good for I can't complain too much!! Of all the fruit/veggies we have tried we have found that the only one he doesn't like is tomatoes...but we will keep working on that!

soon enough he will tumble end over end!

ahhh, here is the sleeping shot! A little out of order :-)

totally out of order, sorry!! Here is Charli with her gun she took hunting with Chad!

doesn't need the paci to sleep...yet not ready to let it go!!

This is how Charli went to sleep on Sunday night, which was her "birthday party day"! She got the kangaroo for her birthday, which she asked for right after Christmas! She got a TON of great things, all centered around babies - her new love! She keeps very entertained and busy with taking care of her babies. She told Chad today, "we have to take a lot of things when we take a baby, isn't that right daddy"! Amen to that ! I am glad that we can get in the car and go with a sippy up and a diaper!

determination! He made it nearly 1/2 way up the slide...before sliding back down!

Charli got a soccer net/ball and shin guards...she was all over that! She had a great time playing soccer with Ryen, Macey, and Colton! Braxton even tried to get in on the action!

LadyBug LadyBug oh so sweet - being 4 will be so neat :-)

enjoying a nice cool treat at grandma and grandpa's house!! They were SO excited when all the mom's said they could have TWO!! Macey *Colton*Ryen*Charli


hmmm, ever seen his little girl before??

slap some modern clothes on this little girl, and it would be Charli 2010! Again, Brenda in 1983!
Although, Charli is MUCH cuter :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

catch up

So much catching up to do! I will try to make it quick, because we all know you come here for the pictures :-)

Last weekend with the help of a few people I threw together a surprise birthday party for Chad, the big 3-0! We did this as a combo party with our friend Josh, who has a birthday on Christmas and often gets the short end of the birthday stick! So, we had a 1/2 party for him too! It was fun. Each of them knew I was having a party for the other, but making it all blend together was tricky! Both had a good time and were able to celebrate in style!!

friends at the bar to celebrate for a bit!

Charli is BIG into babies right now, not sure where that came from! But, this is her little baby. Her name is Harper. She even gets to sleep with Charli's silky blanket, which is a big-big deal! She comes everywhere with us, and Charli can't wait to get another one for her birthday?!!

this boy LOVES these!!!

not sure which one had more fun!

why does dad ALWAYS get the good spots in the house?!