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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Charli!

Dear Charli,
Happy birthday to an amazing blessing of this world! Tomorrow we not only celebrate your birthday, but your life! Your birthday will also signify the 2nd chance we received with you, and that is an event I can't put into words. Each day I think about how lucky we are to have you, and each year when you blow out more and more candles on your cake it is a reminder of how blessed we are to have you in our life. Thank you for choosing us to love...and we promise to continue to do the best we can for you and with you. Have a great day, because you deserve it...and not many can say that!! We love you!!

when comparing her little body to my hands, she looks like a baby doll!!

looks a little like her baby brother here!!

such a fun age!

personality radiates!

Happy 4th birthday Charli! You have changed and grown up so much in the past year, I am proud of you!


AndreaChad said...

Happy Birthday Charli! You are growing up to be such a darling little lady! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you oh beautiful and fun Charli! We love you and cannot believe you are 4!! Enjoy your day with mom and dad....HUGS!
-Eric, Courtney, Landon and Jamison!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day.........and a good day to remember how Thankful we are for the blessings of Miss Charli Ann.........she has been through so much and now she is already four years old and a big sister!!! WE Love You, Charli.
Grandpa and Grandma Borg

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

The pictures are wonderful! Oh my goodness how Charli resembles you, Brenda!!!! How lucky for her to have such a beautiful mommy both inside and out! I just know she will grow up just like you! Thank you for the opportunity to share in your are such blessings to us! Happy Birthday, Charli! Love You all! XXXXOOOOPPPP

stacy from michigan said...

Happy Birthday Charli...I love being able to celebrate my birthday with such an amazing little inspiration such as you!!

Happy 4th Birthday!!