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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I don't have much to say - except that I think my baby girl is just adorable! I have some pictures to share, but not much else new to talk I will let the pictures do the talking!!

Charli gets to meet two sets of her Aunt's and Uncle's this week...what a BIG week for her!

She really likes bath time, and is pretty calm when we do it. I have a cute picture of her that looks like she is flexing her's really no wonder who her daddy is when she acts like that!!!

She is one month old on this picture!! What a big girl! I wish I looked this cute in polka-dots!
We had family pictures taken at Church...her first professional photo shot! She did really well, I will post those pictures when we get them, but it will be a few weeks. This is a picture of Chad's girls...

What a calm and cute baby after bath time too...although when I open the towel it is a different story. But Chad and I work like a pit crew at a NASCAR race, we each have our own duties and we get her happy again as fast as we can!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

little BIG brother

Having one big brother I kind of know what it is like to be alittle over protected by him. I remember looking at pictures from when I was a baby and I saw how much he liked me (I think he grew out of that after a few months!!). Now that I have a daughter I understand what the older siblings go through when a new baby comes home!

YES - I am talking about our dogs! This has been a BIG change for them. They no longer get full nights sleep, they come with me for the night time feeding and rocking sessions! They have to learn to be on their best behavior when Charli is sleeping...much like I imagine an older 'human' brother would have too!

However, I NEVER expected this...
or this.....

This is how 'floor' time is shared with my children!! And the second picture is an example of the "what do you think you are doing" looks I get from them when I put her in her room while still in her car seat (if she is sleeping) when we get home!

This has been a learning experience for everyone - boys included! They love her so much - and I know that sounds dumb. But, to fully understand they way they feel about her you need to come see for yourself! Even the most doubtfull of the boys (my oldest sister Vicki) was amazed by the way they act when Charli is around!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Here is her proud daddy showing her his favorite farm toy!! 'nuff said :-)

So much to say, and such little time!

Charli is doing very well! She has had many 'firsts' this week! First trip to Grandma and Grandpa Borg's, first trip to Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee, first time out to eat, first time home alone with daddy, first sleep over with Aunt Amanda...lots of things going on this week!

I will post some pictures, because so many of you have emailed me asking where they all are!

I will post more later, but as many of you can imagine my free time is limited now-a-days!

Charli loves to spend time on her daddy's chest - and daddy likes it too!! she sleeps best in this spot - which can make it hard for mom to get her to sleep at night!!!

She sleeps good when she is snug as a bug in a rug! This green silky is from Grandma Deb...and it soothes her to sleep every night!

Here is Charli with her two girl cousins - Ryen and Macey! This was on her first trip to grandma and grandpa's farm! What a big day it was for her! As you will see on the next picture her daddy even took her to his favorite spot!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's a girl!!

She has arrived! I don't have a lot of time to post, but I thought I better get some pictures up soon!

Charli Ann was born Friday, July 28th, 2006 at 8:34 am after 25 hours of labor and a c-section. Charli was not very cooperative that morning!

She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz, and is 21" long. She has a lot of dark hair and nice dark blue eyes. I wasn not expecting our baby to come out with hair at all, let along dark hair that you can actually see! What a wonderful surprise!

Charli had ABO jaundice but was able to come home with us on Monday. Poor thing has her days and nights mixed up, so she is having a hard time with sleeping at night time. Much of this is my fault because when she does fall alseep - SO DO she ends up sleeping in my arms. But, she has slept for a total of 4 hours in her crib today - I pray that we can get her to sleep there some tonight too!!

The dogs are great with her. Wynston will NOT leave her side, and must be by anyone who is holding her. When she cries, he just sits near her and wimpers - as if to say...why aren't you helping her?! I really couldn't be more pleased with their reaction to her. However, this being said - he does not like going to bed since Charli is not in the room. He sits by the door and cries, and scratches at it.

Lucky for us, Charli is not bothered by they barking...because they do that a lot! Especially when new people stop to visit.

Chad is a great and proud daddy! He hardly left my side the entire time I was there - only to come home and take care of the boys. He hates having to go to work, because he misses spending the time with Charli - he is going to be an amazing father.

Here are two pictures of our little baby girl! Rachelle as some very good ones, but has not emailed them to me yet.