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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

little BIG brother

Having one big brother I kind of know what it is like to be alittle over protected by him. I remember looking at pictures from when I was a baby and I saw how much he liked me (I think he grew out of that after a few months!!). Now that I have a daughter I understand what the older siblings go through when a new baby comes home!

YES - I am talking about our dogs! This has been a BIG change for them. They no longer get full nights sleep, they come with me for the night time feeding and rocking sessions! They have to learn to be on their best behavior when Charli is sleeping...much like I imagine an older 'human' brother would have too!

However, I NEVER expected this...
or this.....

This is how 'floor' time is shared with my children!! And the second picture is an example of the "what do you think you are doing" looks I get from them when I put her in her room while still in her car seat (if she is sleeping) when we get home!

This has been a learning experience for everyone - boys included! They love her so much - and I know that sounds dumb. But, to fully understand they way they feel about her you need to come see for yourself! Even the most doubtfull of the boys (my oldest sister Vicki) was amazed by the way they act when Charli is around!

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