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Sunday, August 29, 2010

nebraska state fair - 2010

We took the trip the GI for the state fair today, it was soooo windy! This was the first year for the state fair in Grand Island, so we were excited to see what it was all about. Aside from the wind, we enjoyed ourselves. We met Rachelle and family down there so the girls were all about sharing in those things together. We spent a lot of time checking out the animals.

Enjoy the pictures!

she's a natural! As we were walking up a group of about 4-5 teenagers were trying to milk this cow with no luck, and I think they told someone that it was out of water. Charli walked right up, and with perfect technique milked it just fine!! Grandpa should be proud! :-)

Charli was shucking wheat! With this nice mans help she harvested her own wheat, turned it into flower and then "made" a cinnamon roll which she got to eat! She thought that was fun!

this was a big deal! Charli is generally scared of these types of animals, but it was her idea to go see him this time. She said it was because she was "4" this time!

checking out the birthing center!

harper got in on the action too! I am happy to report that even after sticking his fingers into about each cage we walked by, he DID come home with all fingers and toes attached as God made them! He did great today, without his naps!

I told the girls I thought this was a giraffe! Ryen * Charli * Macey

Because Rachelle and I are SO tall, we thought this might put the horses height into better perspective!!

okay, well maybe THIS will show how big it was!

the girls having a peddle tractor "race"

YEP, you see correctly people. This is a CASE tattoo on Charli!! The girls got one, so she was teary-eyed when she didn't have one. Chad actually told her no, she couldn't get one! So, Rachelle kind of shuffled her off and said "I will take her"!! Dad did come over to support it though!! He said that if I posted this on here he would paint me green and yellow in my sleep!

Charli loved the rides we went on. She went on a roller coaster and was full of giggles the entire time! She even tossed her hands in the air as she went up and down! This set of swings went up in the air about 10 feet and she assured me that she was "not even a little scared".

not sure what this was called, but she loved it too! It went forwards and backwards. Our last ride, which I thought was fun enough, she told me "was soo boring". Guess she is a little of a thrill-seeker!

fun times!

she was a little upset here, she said the camel went to slow so she didn't want to ride anymore!

pulling in our driveway...ahhh, the sign of a good day!

and, the sign of a power nap after not sleeping all day!
The kid's really did a great job today, and had a lot of fun. Charli was ready to go back, as soon as we got to the car!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

i want to be like her someday....

We went to a wedding this weekend, and Charli had such a good time. She loved all the pretty girls at the church. At the reception Charli looked at Jennifer, the bride, and said "I want to be like her someday". It was precious! She and her friends from Lynn's house (the bride was our daycare provider's daughter) had so much fun dancing and playing before everyone had to go home because of tired little brothers!

you know Lynn loves the kids when she lets Charli sit on her lap during the father/daughter dance. With tears in her eyes she held Charli and they sat in awe of how beautiful Jennifer and Lonnie looked together! It was sweet, and Lynn is just amazing to have shared that moment with Charli!

this was hilarious! The floor must have been slick because Harper preferred to crawl on it versus walking. He was heading under a table so Maggie grabbed his shirt and held on while we came to the rescue! These kids look out for each other :-) It is great to have so many mommies in the group!!

Charli *Jennifer *Maggie*Gracie

Maggie & Charli

heading to the dance floor to get their groove on!

Maggie will be 5 in October, proving she is still the bigger of the two!!

good little dancers!

before the reception. Harper would not stand still for a picture with her, so this is what we get! He likes his picture taken about as much as his father!

Charli & mom

getting Charli to wear a dress was not an easy task. She used to be great at wearing them...then we got out of the habit, and it is hard to get going again! We tried 3 of them on and this is the one she picked! We picked out a matching yellow flower for her hair, and I forgot to put it in! I was so mad! I don't know when I will get the chance again!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I can't believe I forgot our theme word at the house this week, it is ROCK STAR!!!

Charli's favorite song in "mom's car" is "rock star" ('So What') by PINK. She will sing very loudly "so what, I'm a rock star - I got my rock moves". Heaven forbid I try to sing too, that is SO not cool!

Harper is a total rock star this week. We are 100% paci free. He used to get his paci at naptime and bedtime. He hasn't got it at daycare for several months, but we were still holding on to it at home. He was a great sleeper, and it just made life simple, and easy! But, the time had come. We pulled the plug on Sunday night. He has been a total rock star and doing great!



I realized it has been awhile since I posted pictures of the kids, I was a little busy posting Dierks last time :-)

Harper is busy talking about puppies and babies, thinking everything must be either a "pup-py" or "bab-by". As I write this he is freaking out in his highchair as he sits in timeout for pulling things out of a drawer he knows he should not be in. His attitude could not be more different from Charli's at this age! Man, I learn that EVERY DAY! He is a super happy kid, but he can throw a fit - and I just can't remember Charli doing this. I am sure she did though! I am guessing we just gave in with her, so there was no fit to be had!!

Charli continues to learn the boundaries and lessons of being a big sister. When he is upset she tries to comfort him, but when he has something she wants she is not slow at trying to get it back from him! She is protective of him when he is in "trouble" and tries to talk him out of being upset when that happens too. I am proud of the way she steps up to the plate as a big sister, and has grown and changed a lot the past few months.

we took Charli to the circus Thursday night. Charli LOVES the circus! Each time we tell her we are going to do something fun, or do a "surprise" she asks if it is the circus. She was attentive the entire time and loved each part. However, the one part she did NOT like was the ending. She started to cry when she realized it was over. I mean cried, like a baby, cried! Like I said, she loves the circus!

Harper being ornery before leaving for daycare. He likes to get about 10-15 things out each morning to play with and explore!

Charli showing off her shirt...sticking close to harper in the morning like usual! a few mornings ago she informed me that she has "hips" and can shake them. Learning from a 4-year old is priceless!

while harper gets a bath, so does Charli's baby. She has two babies that she loves very is named Harper and the other is named Charli. When you ask her why she picked those names she will say "because my babies are sooo cute"!!

bummer, a bruise! This is a result of a little mishap on the 4-wheeler. She is no worse for wear, but did take a tumble after a 4-wheeler "accident". She is a great rider and respects the rules and the machine, but took a hand off for a few seconds and slid into something at the shop and took a fall. She had a few scratches and bumps and bruises but got right back on and wasn't afraid of it! She was more concerned about what happend to her 4-wheeler -- the paint cracked a little. More to come, I am certain of that.

not sure what this face was about!

Charli was playing "money". To play this game with Charli is simple, each time I have a turn I have to pay her "two dollars" and each time she has a turn I have to pay her "two dollars". Fun. :-)

this is how Harper eats cantaloupe! Couldn't get enough, if you can believe that.

Charli's new favorite spot to watch tv...on top of the top of the couch! I remember doing this when I was her age! crazy!

playing with the slip-n-slide after it broke! She was playing nicely and all of a sudden we had a flood of water out the bottom! She popped it! :( sad little girl!

before the fun was over, she was just warming up to the cold water!

one of Harper's new favorite past times...climbing up on the chair and playing with whatever Charli has out for her babies. Fun for him, until he is caught by Charli!

from Charli's party at daycare. I think she got this hat from her grandma a few years ago...she wears it each year at daycare! I wonder when she will be over that tradition, 20...25?! :)

Monday, August 09, 2010

come a little closer baby...

I had a GREAT time at our girls night out Friday in Council Bluffs! We went to the Dierks Bentley concert, and made some great memories!

I feel fairly safe saying this here...Chad rarely comes to visit this site...I love Dierks Bentley! He put on a great show and we were super close! The girls seem to think we were 10 rows or less away! So much fun! Thanks to all the girls! I can't wait to go again next year, or next weekend if Dierks came to town :-)

he was singing to me...I felt bad for all the other girls who were there to see him. But, it is what it is ;-)

after the concert we met up with the opening band, the "Dirt Drifters". They were a great band to get the night started! After this picture a girl came up to the tent to purchase an autographed picture of the band and the main singer gave the pen and picture to me and told me to add my name!! HA! Someone actually bought my autograph, I am famous!!!

great memories!!

after our meal we were walking out and an "older" gentleman offered to take our picture! We weren't sure what we would end up with! But, here we are!!!

this is the crew who made the trip! Thanks for making the trip so much fun girls! I can't wait to do it again!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Take every chance
to relax,
to hope,
to heal,
to dream,
to play,
to give,
to receive...

-author unknown