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Monday, August 23, 2010

i want to be like her someday....

We went to a wedding this weekend, and Charli had such a good time. She loved all the pretty girls at the church. At the reception Charli looked at Jennifer, the bride, and said "I want to be like her someday". It was precious! She and her friends from Lynn's house (the bride was our daycare provider's daughter) had so much fun dancing and playing before everyone had to go home because of tired little brothers!

you know Lynn loves the kids when she lets Charli sit on her lap during the father/daughter dance. With tears in her eyes she held Charli and they sat in awe of how beautiful Jennifer and Lonnie looked together! It was sweet, and Lynn is just amazing to have shared that moment with Charli!

this was hilarious! The floor must have been slick because Harper preferred to crawl on it versus walking. He was heading under a table so Maggie grabbed his shirt and held on while we came to the rescue! These kids look out for each other :-) It is great to have so many mommies in the group!!

Charli *Jennifer *Maggie*Gracie

Maggie & Charli

heading to the dance floor to get their groove on!

Maggie will be 5 in October, proving she is still the bigger of the two!!

good little dancers!

before the reception. Harper would not stand still for a picture with her, so this is what we get! He likes his picture taken about as much as his father!

Charli & mom

getting Charli to wear a dress was not an easy task. She used to be great at wearing them...then we got out of the habit, and it is hard to get going again! We tried 3 of them on and this is the one she picked! We picked out a matching yellow flower for her hair, and I forgot to put it in! I was so mad! I don't know when I will get the chance again!


Natalie said...

Great pics Brenda! Lynn seems like a wonderful person...the best kind of daycare provider you could ask for! So glad that Charli is feeling better after the "incidentl." She looks so happy dancing and playing with the other kiddos! Your outfit looked great by the way...what a hottie! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun time for everyone........esp. the little girls!!! Next time put a picture of Mom and Dad "dancing"..........OKAY