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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had a good weekend! We didn't really do much, which was just fine with us! On Saturday night Charli did her first somersault the RIGHT way!! I got it on video, its at the end!! Charli is also peddling her bike down the driveway and sidewalk like a big girl!!

Charli is fascinated with her birthday! On several occasions she has said that she wanted something for her birthday, or that she got it for her birthday! She is still in love with football, and now soccer! We all played soccer in the front yard Saturday night - and she has a good kick on her! And right now, as she is falling asleep she is talking about football!!

this is Charli's new shirt from Natalie - she was so proud!!! THANK YOU NATALIE!!

Daddy and Charli built this tower bigger than her - she looks proud!

Charli with one of the adorable kitties at the shop!! She loves to pick up the little guys, and is pretty good with them too!! I think she still loves puppies more...but thinks these cats are pretty neat too!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

am i interesting...probably not!!

I have been tagged by a few friends to post 7-facts about me that most people would probably not know! I have done this here before, so I will have to try to find 7 NEW things!! Gosh, all my secrets will be out soon!!!

1. I use hand sanitizer compulsively. I use it as I walk into a room, and I use it as I go out of the room. And...if in the room for an extended period of time I use it again! This stemmed solely from using it so religiously when Charli was going through treatment. Call me stupid...but that was "kind of" important at the time!! I get made fun of a lot for it too :-) HOW RUDE!! :-)
2. I haven't mowed the lawn start to finish since buying our house. This is a job that as much as Chad may dislike...he doesn't think I should do. I am not sure why, maybe because I would never do it good enough?! I do help on occasion - but this is HIS job I guess!! (not my thoughts!)
3. I eat yogurt almost every day!
4. My first trip away from Charli for more than 18 hours was when she was 27 months old!! I went to Dallas for the Relay For Life...had I not gone for that, I am not sure when my first extended time away would have been!!
5. Growing up I was involved in 4-H (showing dairy cows- darn good I might add!), took piano lessons, was in dance class, and took singing lessons! I was also a cheerleader and in the band - as well as played sports!
6. My biggest personal flaw, in my opinion, is holding grudges! (which I am TRYING to work on!!)
7. My second biggest fear is the thought of my children making memories that I will not be around to experience.

I have to "tag" seven people jump on the bandwagon ya'll!! I would like to tag Andrea, Gina, Michelle W, Kara C, Cindy, Jennifer R, Ashley!!

i love this!!

I know that every stage your child is in, is your favorite...but THIS is my favorite :-)

Charli is starting to say so many funny things spontaneously - and it is cracking us up!

Tonight Chad had some National Geographic show on TV about a man who lives with/raises wild animals such as elephants, lions, tigers, etc. The lions were on TV and we were talking about them. All of a sudden she said, "I want two...for my birthday!" WHAT?!! We have never talked about birthday gifts or anything like that!! I am sure it is something that has been picked up at daycare or something, but it knocked our socks off!! How funny!! To clarify I asked her if she wanted two lions for her birthday, and in the cutest voice ever she said "yesss!".

We were putting her down for bed, I stand and sing and daddy rocks and does prayers a little later. I was handing her over to dad and said that we will have a fun day tomorrow - just mom and Charli! Then Chad said that he want to come too! Charli then followed that up with "no, mommy and Charli shop, shopping!!" TOO FUNNY!! I asked her for what and she said "for shirts" (like she needs more clothes, but OK Charli!!!). Chad asked where he would be, and she said "Daddy home with CoCo" (our hamster!!). HA HA HA!!!

I am sure these are just the tip of the iceberg with her stories!! I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I forgot to tell this story - and I love it, so I had to make sure I shared!!

On Saturday Charli was "helping" me get ready for the football game. While I was curling my eyelashes she asked me what it was, I told her it was an eyelash curler! (good answer, right?!) She then asked me something along the lines of what it does. I told her it "makes mommy look pretty, but it I don't think it works!" Charli then responded by saying...
"Oh, need batteries mommy?"

The innocence of a 2-year old...I LOVE IT!!


Charli has made the news!! You can read an article about her and another neat little guy from Columbus that was able to participate in the Littlest Heroes Project!! Please visit HERE to read the article!! If you have any problems finding it...let me know!!

Also, keep your eye on the paper for an article about the Relay For Life that I was quoted for- that won't make the online version, so we will have to look out for the hard copy :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"good day"

Wow, I have an update ready before the weekend is even officially over! YAY FOR ME!!

We had a nice weekend! On Saturday Charli and I went to Hastings to watch Andrew (my oldest nephew) play football! We did a little shopping in Grand Island before having lunch with my parents and Rachelle and girls at Runza! Which, I am very happy to say Charli ate all her food! Another sign that she is growing up....she is eating well :-)

Charli had a great time at the game, sitting very close to her Uncle Aaron at the beginning of the game! And since Colton wasn't there to share the game with, I think Aaron kind of soaked it up while it lasted!

Andrew got hurt and walked to the locker room to get checked out. I pointed him out to Charli and told her that he had an owie and had to make sure he was okay. Charli said "oh Andrew, I'm sad now"! But, he made it back and was back in the game before it was over and Charli was happy again! Sounds like he was in pain, but is one tough-cookie and played through it!!

We went to eat at "Applebees" with grandma and grandpa Preister tonight. Again, Charli did great! She was a ball of total energy when they stopped at the house, a complete show-off. She would stand in one corner of the living room and count to three...1-2-3-GO and run as fast as she could to Grandma nearly knocking her out on several occasions! She was all over the place!!

Tonight when Charli went to bed I asked how her day was and she said "good day mom"...that sums up our weekend...and our life! Charli makes every moment amazing!

Charli in her new cowgirl boots that she told me over and over again where "too big mommy!"

"Charli show me your teeth"

"Charli show me your tongue" (with grape on it!)

"Charli show me your eyes" --- they must be behind those tightly closed lids!!

"Charli show me your chin"

"Charli show me your ears"

"Charli show me your elbows"

"Charli show me your tummy"

this is how Charli re-decorated her room Saturday morning as she waited for me to get her!

it has pockets!!!

Charli and her new football buddy Uncle Aaron!

Aunt Rachelle tried to teach her to whistle just like her!! (and her two "tattoos" on her hands from getting in to the game!)

pretty charli (with fuzzy hair!!)

"Charli...can I see your hat?!!"

Before nap this afternoon Charli had to put one of her babies down for a nap in the hallway with one of her blankets and several books hiding under the silky!!

playing in her fort!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been tagged by a few friends and I need to update that - but I wanted to do the pictures one while I was thinking about it!

The rule is that I open the sixth photo folder and pick the sixth picture and post well as the memory from it!! And also, tag six others to do it too! It is hard, because so many of my friends have been tagged from someone else!!


I remember this moment! Charli was having dry Cheerios for breakfast and she had one in her hand and she ate it! I asked her where it went, and she did if to say "all gone" or "i don't know"!! I love this - looking at old pictures takes me back to the EXACT moment! THIS is why pictures are so great! Ahh, I miss little Charli! This was not that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime and yesterday at the same time!!

last weekend!

Gosh - I am just updating last weekend in time for this weekend! I guess I need some better time management skills!!

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, meeting our friends from Des Moines! We had a nice time there...the kids enjoyed the space and the sun. We stayed at CoCo Keys (a water park in Omaha) and the kids had a ball!!

Charli is talking so much - she is hilarious! This morning I actually was "arguing" with her about her shoes! She wore her John Deere boots for the first time today! She was kind of "blue" about them because she kept telling me that they were too big. I thought they were about a size too big, and kept telling her "no, it is okay". Well she wouldn't walk right and kept going on and on! When I took them off at daycare I realized they are TWO sizes too big! No wonder they weren't comfortable for her. Why did I argue with a two-year-old?!! Why was she right?!!

She understands so much and can communicate so much! It is hard to gauge when she grew up so much...but she did!

Well - off to pictures now!!

her hair gets pretty fuzzy!! This shirt was given by Courtney, notice it says Cyclone Princess!! BOO! In all fairness, I gave Landon a husker outfit to rock for the game this weekend!! ISU vs. NU! GO HUSKERS!!!

Charli showing Grandpa Charlie where her food went at her tummy Grandpa!! :-)

I am not sure who played with these legos like a 2-year old better!! They played so well together!!!

eww, why are kids so fascinated with snakes?!! I screamed to try to scare Charli, and she got down on her knees to get closer as it slithered away!

this was probably the highlight of the trip...for daddy!!

happy when dirty!

Charli's first horse ride :-)

Eric reading to Landon and Charli. I don't care what any of you say (Eric, Courtney, Landon, Chad, or Charli)...a gorilla is a gorilla!!

these two really enjoyed the day :-)

umm, yeah..."goat bite" right after I took this picture. She wasn't really that happy about it, and was still talking about it Monday morning!!

look at that jumping form! Aunt Rachelle and Grandpa Borg, is this a track star in the making?!!

Charli watching the PIG RACES very intensely!

I thought this was so sweet....!

a proud moment for daddy!


Look at Charli's little pose here, with her right arm up on her hip! She could be an "Incredible" if she was in RED and BLACK instead of PINK and BROWN!

she was so busy taking it all in this day! She was the perfect little pumpkin patch goer! We have been so blessed with her!!

I'm sorry!!

I can not believe I haven't posted from the weekend yet - I am SO sorry! The nights have been kinda of busy and I haven't devoted the 30 minutes to doing it, silly I know!! I will do my BEST to get pictures uploaded tonight!!

I have stories from the pumpkin patch, CoCo Keys Water Resort, and just Charli in I am excited to get the post done myself!!

Thanks for checking in on us, sorry to disappoint! Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten!!

Have a Terrific Thursday, tomorrow is Friday - WHOO-HOOO!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

apples and peanut butter!

Another weekend has past :-( I am ready for the next one!!

Charli had a fun weekend! But nothing too exciting to report. Charli has fallen in love with apples and peanut butter, and sounds so cute when she says it! She got to watch football this weekend, watch a parade, and get a sucker at the Humphrey bazaar...her life couldn't get much better!!

On a serious note, I ask that you please pray for Chad's cousin who was in a car accident this weekend and is in need of some major prayer. Both he and his family need a lot of strength right now.


charli and daddy watching a John Deere movie!

pretty picture Charli!

Charli got her faced painted today! "bunny goes hop-hop" she says!

Charli at the band parade Saturday

Natalie and Charli were best-buds!!!!

I love this picture! So innocent :-)