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Friday, October 24, 2008

am i interesting...probably not!!

I have been tagged by a few friends to post 7-facts about me that most people would probably not know! I have done this here before, so I will have to try to find 7 NEW things!! Gosh, all my secrets will be out soon!!!

1. I use hand sanitizer compulsively. I use it as I walk into a room, and I use it as I go out of the room. And...if in the room for an extended period of time I use it again! This stemmed solely from using it so religiously when Charli was going through treatment. Call me stupid...but that was "kind of" important at the time!! I get made fun of a lot for it too :-) HOW RUDE!! :-)
2. I haven't mowed the lawn start to finish since buying our house. This is a job that as much as Chad may dislike...he doesn't think I should do. I am not sure why, maybe because I would never do it good enough?! I do help on occasion - but this is HIS job I guess!! (not my thoughts!)
3. I eat yogurt almost every day!
4. My first trip away from Charli for more than 18 hours was when she was 27 months old!! I went to Dallas for the Relay For Life...had I not gone for that, I am not sure when my first extended time away would have been!!
5. Growing up I was involved in 4-H (showing dairy cows- darn good I might add!), took piano lessons, was in dance class, and took singing lessons! I was also a cheerleader and in the band - as well as played sports!
6. My biggest personal flaw, in my opinion, is holding grudges! (which I am TRYING to work on!!)
7. My second biggest fear is the thought of my children making memories that I will not be around to experience.

I have to "tag" seven people jump on the bandwagon ya'll!! I would like to tag Andrea, Gina, Michelle W, Kara C, Cindy, Jennifer R, Ashley!!

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