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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"good day"

Wow, I have an update ready before the weekend is even officially over! YAY FOR ME!!

We had a nice weekend! On Saturday Charli and I went to Hastings to watch Andrew (my oldest nephew) play football! We did a little shopping in Grand Island before having lunch with my parents and Rachelle and girls at Runza! Which, I am very happy to say Charli ate all her food! Another sign that she is growing up....she is eating well :-)

Charli had a great time at the game, sitting very close to her Uncle Aaron at the beginning of the game! And since Colton wasn't there to share the game with, I think Aaron kind of soaked it up while it lasted!

Andrew got hurt and walked to the locker room to get checked out. I pointed him out to Charli and told her that he had an owie and had to make sure he was okay. Charli said "oh Andrew, I'm sad now"! But, he made it back and was back in the game before it was over and Charli was happy again! Sounds like he was in pain, but is one tough-cookie and played through it!!

We went to eat at "Applebees" with grandma and grandpa Preister tonight. Again, Charli did great! She was a ball of total energy when they stopped at the house, a complete show-off. She would stand in one corner of the living room and count to three...1-2-3-GO and run as fast as she could to Grandma nearly knocking her out on several occasions! She was all over the place!!

Tonight when Charli went to bed I asked how her day was and she said "good day mom"...that sums up our weekend...and our life! Charli makes every moment amazing!

Charli in her new cowgirl boots that she told me over and over again where "too big mommy!"

"Charli show me your teeth"

"Charli show me your tongue" (with grape on it!)

"Charli show me your eyes" --- they must be behind those tightly closed lids!!

"Charli show me your chin"

"Charli show me your ears"

"Charli show me your elbows"

"Charli show me your tummy"

this is how Charli re-decorated her room Saturday morning as she waited for me to get her!

it has pockets!!!

Charli and her new football buddy Uncle Aaron!

Aunt Rachelle tried to teach her to whistle just like her!! (and her two "tattoos" on her hands from getting in to the game!)

pretty charli (with fuzzy hair!!)

"Charli...can I see your hat?!!"

Before nap this afternoon Charli had to put one of her babies down for a nap in the hallway with one of her blankets and several books hiding under the silky!!

playing in her fort!!


AndreaChad said...

Glad to see that you had another GREAT weekend! It was beautiful weather to be outside playing. I can't believe how long her hair is so pretty! Have a great week!

The Wiechman's said...

I think that Gavin has the same redecorating techiniques.

Anonymous said...

I've been following Charli's story for a while now (can't remember which child's site I found her link from) and had read back to her diagnosis but tonight I felt the urge to go back and read more of it. She's one of many children I check up on atleast weekly and it's so great to see her doing so well. I'm so glad she's 'graudated' to a 6 month interval between scans this time! I hope and pray the nasty nb stays far, far away forever. Keep kicking nb's butt Charli! :)

Nicolas said...

What an adorable story about the "good day mom" comment!! And I LOVE that picture of Charli in her cowgirl boots! I'm so enjoying these days with Micah, but I know there will always be more fun days ahead and I can't wait for those either!

Anonymous said...

adorable new pics!! She's so darn cute!! Why am I so lazy that I cannot get my blog updated??????