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Thursday, October 16, 2008

last weekend!

Gosh - I am just updating last weekend in time for this weekend! I guess I need some better time management skills!!

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, meeting our friends from Des Moines! We had a nice time there...the kids enjoyed the space and the sun. We stayed at CoCo Keys (a water park in Omaha) and the kids had a ball!!

Charli is talking so much - she is hilarious! This morning I actually was "arguing" with her about her shoes! She wore her John Deere boots for the first time today! She was kind of "blue" about them because she kept telling me that they were too big. I thought they were about a size too big, and kept telling her "no, it is okay". Well she wouldn't walk right and kept going on and on! When I took them off at daycare I realized they are TWO sizes too big! No wonder they weren't comfortable for her. Why did I argue with a two-year-old?!! Why was she right?!!

She understands so much and can communicate so much! It is hard to gauge when she grew up so much...but she did!

Well - off to pictures now!!

her hair gets pretty fuzzy!! This shirt was given by Courtney, notice it says Cyclone Princess!! BOO! In all fairness, I gave Landon a husker outfit to rock for the game this weekend!! ISU vs. NU! GO HUSKERS!!!

Charli showing Grandpa Charlie where her food went at her tummy Grandpa!! :-)

I am not sure who played with these legos like a 2-year old better!! They played so well together!!!

eww, why are kids so fascinated with snakes?!! I screamed to try to scare Charli, and she got down on her knees to get closer as it slithered away!

this was probably the highlight of the trip...for daddy!!

happy when dirty!

Charli's first horse ride :-)

Eric reading to Landon and Charli. I don't care what any of you say (Eric, Courtney, Landon, Chad, or Charli)...a gorilla is a gorilla!!

these two really enjoyed the day :-)

umm, yeah..."goat bite" right after I took this picture. She wasn't really that happy about it, and was still talking about it Monday morning!!

look at that jumping form! Aunt Rachelle and Grandpa Borg, is this a track star in the making?!!

Charli watching the PIG RACES very intensely!

I thought this was so sweet....!

a proud moment for daddy!


Look at Charli's little pose here, with her right arm up on her hip! She could be an "Incredible" if she was in RED and BLACK instead of PINK and BROWN!

she was so busy taking it all in this day! She was the perfect little pumpkin patch goer! We have been so blessed with her!!


Deqlan said...

aaawww i just love the pics! Especially Charli's hands on her lap, and her sunglasses are to cute for words! looks like you all had awesome time ! Enjoy the weekend, prayers, hugs and hope always
Mark Samm Deqlan

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Charli is very lucky to have a Mommy & Daddy that will take her to a PUMPKIN Patch.
You will never forget those memories.

Natalie said...

I love the "Peek Through" pics and how she puts her hands up in the face too! So sister would have made her put them down...but it's so much sweeter to just let them be themselves and have pics like that to remember! :) She's so cute!

stacy from michigan said...

Oh Charli is getting so big!! She makes my heart happy...thank you for sharing the smiles.

The Hudcaps said...

Wow!! I'm jealous. What a great weekend. And aren't pictures with grandpas so special? You'll remember those days forever.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...Love you! Thank you for having supper with us tonight at Applebee's!

XXOOPP Grma & Grmpa P