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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Friday, February 29, 2008

we are offically "normal"?!!

Charli hasn't been feeling the best the past few days. She has been a little warm, and extra tired. We started her on the preventative influenza medicine earlier this week after being exposed. However, Thursday night we thought she had the stomach flu. She was very clingy and had a fever that went as high as 102 before we gave her Tylenol. She only got sick once, but then gagged on some medicine and got sick again! However - she was fine all night!! But, this morning, she was burning up again. To rule out influenza I wanted to take her in. And, since it was Friday I didn't want an ear infection to be bothering her all weekend either.

The good news is, she is influenza NEGATIVE!! YAY!! But, she does have an ear infection..."fire engine red" is what the PA said! So, we are normal!!

It felt good to take her temperature, and see that it was high...and not have to run to the hospital for blood work! We still did end up going to the doctor, but the "fear" was not there like it always was in the past. As we walked out I told our regular physical, it felt good to just be "normal" with her!!! And, 19 months and only her second ear infection....can't beat that!!

I expect her to be feeling better tomorrow...and back to her normal-little self! I will admit, that her dad and I did selfishly enjoy the extra love she let us give her the past 24 hours. The time was precious.

PS. For those of you who have had to have the influenza "q-tip" test...Charli was such a champ! She didn't cry, sneeze, or even bat an eye after the test!! She blew out of her nose, like something felt funny...but didn't skip a beat! I, on the other hand, thought I was going to die when I had my test earlier this week!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Broken Bow Raises Money for Childhood Cancer

*First I would like to apologize for taking so long to get this online, I haven't been feeling well!*

Last Friday our family traveled out west to take part in a very important event! The 8th grade students at Broken Bow hosted a community carnival to benefit Charli!! Each year the 8th grade class hosts some sort of community project. This year, somehow they came the conclusion that they wanted to do something to help Charli (my sister, Rachelle, is a teacher there). I was contacted by their teacher and they just took off with it! We had nothing to do with it, and had no idea what to expect! But, they did an amazing job! In fact, I think they did a far better job than any group of adults could have done!! The kids did a carnival that took up the entire gym, it was a site to see! They also had a pancake supper! The food was great too!!

The games were (and I know I will miss some!) sumo wrestling, guitar hero, pudding eating contest, face painting, speed racing, larger than life bowling, pie throwing contest, mini-car races, ducks, penny toss, and more!!! At each game the kids would win tickets to cash in for prizes later!

Charli and her cousins received VIP passes, which got them to the front of any line at any time! It was so cute to see all the 8th graders dote over Charli! They all wanted to meet her and let her play "their" game! Her favorite was the bowling, and the kids at that game were so good with her! Charli was very concerned about the pins after they fell down...and they let her put them back up! All of kids there were so upbeat and friendly, there was not one bad attitude there that night, I couldn't believe it! Simple said, the kids were remarkable!!

Our table (at the pancake supper) was fit for a princess! They had all the things Charli loved, pink plates, etc, balloons, cars, bubbles, balls, and the important VIP passes along with many other great treats for the kids! I snuck a few no bake cookies from the dessert table, and at the end of the night someone was nice enough to put a bag of no bake cookies on our table!! The kids were just awesome, always going out of their way to help us out. In fact, we stayed at a hotel this trip because my niece Ryen got the flu. They even paid for our room, which was totally unnecessary!!! We even had our own personal "go-to girls" that stayed with us for the night.

I just can’t say enough about this community. Broken Bow has rallied around our family like no one else. I know that it is because my sister is firmly planted in the community. We know it shows how much they care for her. And ultimately, it shows us how difficult it must have been on Rachelle to have this happen to her niece. I know that her friends at this school saw her hurt because of what Charli went through, and have done everything they can do to help. And we thank all of you for it, and thank you for showing your care and concern for my sister!! Actually, looking back – I remember Rachelle coming to the hospital with a bear which held a flower given to her by one of her students. We just can’t get over all that Broken Bow has done for us…and asking nothing in return – they are just honestly good people…you don’t find that every day. So, from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for showing us the good-will that is necessary to keep this world spinning. You are all off to do amazing things in this life...

look grandma Borg...Charli got her own tattoo!!

sumo wrestling!

Charli looks at all the kids there for her, and others like her...

her favorite game of the night....

pudding eating contest!

getting excited to go to the carnival!

Charli and Dunny!

Daddy said "Charli, cover your eyes", as we turned around in a CASE parking lot!

a sign displayed as everyone walked in...

Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't stand it...

I am listening to US92 out of Norfolk, NE today. They are doing their annual St. Judes radiothon. I can't stand hearing these brings back so many memories and feelings, and emotions that I didn't realize I forgot about!!!!

If you are able PLEASE call 888-287-HOPE and pledge to help this group of people raise funds to send to St. Judes. I can't beg enough, and I can't fully express why you need to do this...but you do!

There are millions of healthy children out there today, that won't be healthy tomorrow or in a week - and if we don't dip into our own pockets, our own lives, and our own hearts to make a never will happen. Children don't need to suffer...

If we don't support this organization and others like it, I've said it before and I will say it again, our future will die before our eyes.

Thank you to those who have contacted me saying that you are a pledged partner in hope...

Monday, February 18, 2008

We aren't hiding....

Well...for those who don't know Chad and I have been permanently marked with the journey of 2007! A few weeks ago we went to Omaha and got tattoos!! And for the record, we have not been hiding this from any of you! We have just waited to mention it here so we could show some people in person. However…if you haven’t been able to see it in person that means you don’t come around, and need too!!!!!! Anyway…we know that many of you are chopping at the bit waiting to see pictures so I thought I better post!! For those who didn’t get to see them in person first I am sorry, but the invitation to visit is ALWAYS open for everyone!!!!

Chad’s tattoo took over 2 ½ hours. That is such a long time considering it was his first tattoo, and the experience was all new to him! But, surprise-surprise, he was a trooper! My tattoo on the other hand took about 15 minutes!! I won’t say that it tickled, but I wasn’t in tears either! It was an unusual kind of pain. I have compared it to childbirth…at the time it hurt but right after the fact; I forgot and would have done it again!! Chad had a BLAST taking pictures of my face while I was getting my “ink” done. I will post some of those too…

Both of the tattoos say “Expect Miracles”, the artist did her own design and drew them both up for us that day. The shop was really neat and they were great. I highly suggest you check out “Grinn and Barrett” if you are in the market for a tattoo anytime!!
just starting...

trying to decide if I wanted to change my mind...!

mmmm, that feels "good"

uh, yeah...that's gonna leave a mark!!

after the fact, my foot was kind of swollen!

The FINAL project!

What does Charli think of her mommy & daddy's tattoos?!!!!

Charli's morning...cherrios, blanket, and TWO john deere hats for breakfast!!

LIFE IS truck magazine and WHEEL OF FORTUNE!! (PS. Have you seen my shirt?!!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

personality shining through!!

Nothing too new to report on Charli, which is nice!! She had a pretty rough night Friday for one reason or another. A few things come to mind, stomach ache, ear ache, teeth, etc…but she seems to be better today. So, hopefully it was nothing! Her eye has acted up again. Sadly, she was supposed to go to the eye doctor tomorrow for a checkup from surgery last fall…but I forgot about it (great mom) and didn’t make prior arrangements to get her there. So, we will have to reschedule. It really would have worked out great since her eye is very red and sore now. Poor thing…

We got to have her Uncle Dillon stay at our house Friday night, which I know Charli liked…and we went bowling Saturday afternoon. Charli liked it, but wanted to follow the ball down the lane – she got a bit upset when she wasn’t able to run after it! Maybe in a few months we can try again!!

As you will see Charli is getting BIG into facial expressions. She can give silly faces, funny faces, and weird faces!! Also, she has learned that she is not afraid to jump off of the couch. Nor is she afraid to stand on TOP of the couch and jump off. Ahh, yes I know…rather than tell her no I took a picture. SHAME SHAME. Oh, and another cute thing she does…when you ask her a question she will often shake her head yes and say “no”!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!!!

dancing with my new Tickle Me Elmo TMX!!
what a nice pose....







Locks of I come!!

Well, I took the big step and chopped off my hair today!! I won’t lie, I was nervous to do it because I haven’t grown my hair this “long” since I was in high school I think – so it was very new to me to have so much hair!! But, it was time for it to go! It was getting old and dingy looking! Amanda (my sister-in-law) and I talked about it for awhile, what cut(s) we will do (she is cutting hers for locks of love too) and decided there was no time like the present! Actually, since I wasn’t really planning on doing it, it will probably surprise most people when they see me!! I guess there isn’t much else to say about it, so here are the pictures! I hope you like – and if you don’t keep it to yourself…cuz it’s too late now!!!!! :-)

PS – Thank you Amanda for doing such an AWESOME job (as always) and for working on a Sunday, which is a BIG no-no for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

PS. Edited to add…seeing the two ponytails lying on the counter was such an awesome feeling! I was a little sad to see my hair go, but deeply inspired when I KNEW that whoever got that hair would be forever thankful. I highly suggest ANYONE who can do this, does – it will put a smile in your heart.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been so terrible at updating throughout the week...I promise to work on that!!

Charli is doing well. She has been waking up about two hours earlier than normal this week, which is a bummer for me...but it could be worse!! I think that this has also contributed her “naughtiness” this week!! I think she has had her share of time-outs this week both at daycare and at home. She is just being a pistol! But, if I have learned anything the past year it is “a naughty child is a healthy child”…so I will take it!! BUT, I know I can’t hold on that forever – eventually a naughty child will just be a naughty child!!!

She is talking a lot more, and probably saying a new word each day. One of her new and favorites is “bubbles”. Thanks to Elizabeth, (at daycare) Charli got her own set of bubbles from her birthday party!

It is getting hard to truly and fully explain Charli, you just have to come see her for yourself!!

Charli’s hair is still growing, like a weed! And, sometimes it looks like wild weeds!! Someday (soon??!!) it should lay down nicely, right?!!
pretty hair...long enough for a clippy (until I rip it out!!)

my "girly" out fit for valentine's day!

example #1 of WILD hair (Charli, not mommy...well maybe mommy too!)

How to look good naked!

Some of you may know that there is a new show on the Lifetime Network called “How to look good naked”. I have never seen it, but heard a lot about it. The premise of the show is taking women of all ages and sizes and helping them love their body they way that they are…without making any physical changes.
Today the host was on Oprah and I sat down to watch it, after all…this is something I need to learn to do myself! The host said something that hit me like a ton of bricks!!

I will openly admit that I am not confident in my own skin. I know I need to lose at least 20 pounds before looking good to the “outside world”! But, I am also trying to learn to be happy with what I have!! The body I had in high school (at the time) wasn’t good enough for me then (in my mind) so why would it be good enough for me now!? So…I am letting that “dream” go!

Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you…

The host said *basically* to let go of what others think and/or have over you because you need to realize what YOU have over them!! There will always be someone younger, prettier, skinnier, and smarter than you – no matter what you look like! But, no one will ever have your husband, your children, your life, etc. THAT IS SO TRUE!! It wouldn’t matter if I was 105 or 505 lbs – Chad will still love me the same. And it wouldn’t matter if I was 105 or 505 lbs, Charli will always be my baby girl…and I will always be her mommy!! These are two things in my life that I know many others wish they could have. And, if given the choice I would always chose them over the other! So, how silly am I for having self-doubt! So, like so much if life, rather than looking at what we want and what we don’t have we need to focus on what we have.

So, this is my vow to myself – next time I see someone who looks “perfect” I will remember while although I may not be a size 6, I have the BEST husband in the world, the most precious daughter, amazing parents, an unremarkable family, and so many things that I KNOW others wish they had…that I do!! And, I would hope that you can do the same thing – for whatever it is that is your “weakness”, like weight is for me.


Ryan's Remodeling Room

Someone brought a flyer into work yesterday and I think it is so awesome I want to share it all with you!! If you would like the address to mail in your nomination, please send me an email. I don't want to put her address online without her permission.

Please support Ryan’s Remodeling Room for cancer survivors. A cancer survivor will be nominated for a new and improved remodeled room. Help fulfill their extreme makeover in their home. A certain percentage of each Supper Thyme meal sold will be donated to Ryan's Remodeling Room.

Supper Thyme Meals being sold

WHEN: Thursday, March 28, 2008

Pick-up meal time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Beef Enchiladas -A traditional Mexican favorite!
Ingredients - Seasoned beef, onions, cheddar cheese, tomato, soft flour tortilla

Cheesy Mostaccioli - A hearty Italian dish!
Ingredients - Penne pasta, ground beef, marinara, delightful cheese, beef or vegetarian version.

Homemade BBQ Grilled Chicken - Will make your neighbor drool!
Ingredients - BBQ sauce, grilled chicken

*Any questions call Elle (Brenda will provide the number as requested!)
*Orders can be mailed to Elle (Brenda will provide address as requested!)

Meals Cost - $18.50

Friday, February 08, 2008

everybody together now....ahhhh

I went to wake Charli up this morning...and this is what I saw...

Charli must have gotten up at some point last night and took her hat off of the window! How adorable :-) I guess she really does eat, drink, breathe, and SLEEP John Deere!!

PS. Chad...I LOVE YOU :-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Little Miss. Little Miss

scooping snow with daddy! (spinning circles in the water!)

Charli, Daddy, and Colton

mommy and spider-monkey

looks like trouble to me!!

mommy put a barrett in my hair!!


my recovering blackeye!!

the amazing tower of Charli

Charli's new train!

kisses for Kasper!!

It seems like I have been updating less frequently. Charli has been up to her same ole self. She has some major personality shining through, and is really starting to show favoritism to certain things and certain people.

Charli will randomly say words that really shock me. Today I took a toy away from her as we were walking out the door and she got really mad at me! She said "I need ball mom", ATTITUDE!

She really likes to take me by the hand and lead me places. But, she likes me to crawl with her...if I get up and walk she wants met to pick her up. She can be a handful, imagine what she will be like in the coming months!!!! *love it!*

I think she is working on her "I" teeth. Her eye has been a little yucky again, but I think it is from the teeth. She goes to see the dentist later this week, hopefully we will have some news...but I am not counting on anything.

We hope everyone is having a great week! Hard to believe Charli is "officially" closer to being 2 years old than one year old. SCARY!!!!