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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Broken Bow Raises Money for Childhood Cancer

*First I would like to apologize for taking so long to get this online, I haven't been feeling well!*

Last Friday our family traveled out west to take part in a very important event! The 8th grade students at Broken Bow hosted a community carnival to benefit Charli!! Each year the 8th grade class hosts some sort of community project. This year, somehow they came the conclusion that they wanted to do something to help Charli (my sister, Rachelle, is a teacher there). I was contacted by their teacher and they just took off with it! We had nothing to do with it, and had no idea what to expect! But, they did an amazing job! In fact, I think they did a far better job than any group of adults could have done!! The kids did a carnival that took up the entire gym, it was a site to see! They also had a pancake supper! The food was great too!!

The games were (and I know I will miss some!) sumo wrestling, guitar hero, pudding eating contest, face painting, speed racing, larger than life bowling, pie throwing contest, mini-car races, ducks, penny toss, and more!!! At each game the kids would win tickets to cash in for prizes later!

Charli and her cousins received VIP passes, which got them to the front of any line at any time! It was so cute to see all the 8th graders dote over Charli! They all wanted to meet her and let her play "their" game! Her favorite was the bowling, and the kids at that game were so good with her! Charli was very concerned about the pins after they fell down...and they let her put them back up! All of kids there were so upbeat and friendly, there was not one bad attitude there that night, I couldn't believe it! Simple said, the kids were remarkable!!

Our table (at the pancake supper) was fit for a princess! They had all the things Charli loved, pink plates, etc, balloons, cars, bubbles, balls, and the important VIP passes along with many other great treats for the kids! I snuck a few no bake cookies from the dessert table, and at the end of the night someone was nice enough to put a bag of no bake cookies on our table!! The kids were just awesome, always going out of their way to help us out. In fact, we stayed at a hotel this trip because my niece Ryen got the flu. They even paid for our room, which was totally unnecessary!!! We even had our own personal "go-to girls" that stayed with us for the night.

I just can’t say enough about this community. Broken Bow has rallied around our family like no one else. I know that it is because my sister is firmly planted in the community. We know it shows how much they care for her. And ultimately, it shows us how difficult it must have been on Rachelle to have this happen to her niece. I know that her friends at this school saw her hurt because of what Charli went through, and have done everything they can do to help. And we thank all of you for it, and thank you for showing your care and concern for my sister!! Actually, looking back – I remember Rachelle coming to the hospital with a bear which held a flower given to her by one of her students. We just can’t get over all that Broken Bow has done for us…and asking nothing in return – they are just honestly good people…you don’t find that every day. So, from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for showing us the good-will that is necessary to keep this world spinning. You are all off to do amazing things in this life...

look grandma Borg...Charli got her own tattoo!!

sumo wrestling!

Charli looks at all the kids there for her, and others like her...

her favorite game of the night....

pudding eating contest!

getting excited to go to the carnival!

Charli and Dunny!

Daddy said "Charli, cover your eyes", as we turned around in a CASE parking lot!

a sign displayed as everyone walked in...


Anonymous said...

What a great time this looked to have been, and for such a special little girl. I am so happy they did this for you, and helped raise awareness! Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

The whole event was absolutely "awesome".......and the Broken Bow community should be so proud of the students and staff that put on this event.
What a community!!

The Wiechman's said...

WOW, What an awesome event! Looks like fun was had by all.