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Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been so terrible at updating throughout the week...I promise to work on that!!

Charli is doing well. She has been waking up about two hours earlier than normal this week, which is a bummer for me...but it could be worse!! I think that this has also contributed her “naughtiness” this week!! I think she has had her share of time-outs this week both at daycare and at home. She is just being a pistol! But, if I have learned anything the past year it is “a naughty child is a healthy child”…so I will take it!! BUT, I know I can’t hold on that forever – eventually a naughty child will just be a naughty child!!!

She is talking a lot more, and probably saying a new word each day. One of her new and favorites is “bubbles”. Thanks to Elizabeth, (at daycare) Charli got her own set of bubbles from her birthday party!

It is getting hard to truly and fully explain Charli, you just have to come see her for yourself!!

Charli’s hair is still growing, like a weed! And, sometimes it looks like wild weeds!! Someday (soon??!!) it should lay down nicely, right?!!
pretty hair...long enough for a clippy (until I rip it out!!)

my "girly" out fit for valentine's day!

example #1 of WILD hair (Charli, not mommy...well maybe mommy too!)


Anonymous said...

it does eventually lie down. Atleast you dont have a whorle in the front to deal with.

Anonymous said...

you can't be a kid without wild hair. i've stopped even trying with aiden's hair. it's so curly and unruly!

she's a cutie, as always, just like her mama.


AndreaChad said...

I love the Valentine's Day outfit...TOO CUTE!!!!

Deqlan said...

Love the new photos! Deqlans hair also growing back and also wild! Its wonderful i love trying to make a mohawk in his hair! He to is getting up to mischief and not understanding the word no! We try not to laugh but he is so dam cute when he is naughty! Have a great week!
Love Samm & Deqlan