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Friday, February 29, 2008

we are offically "normal"?!!

Charli hasn't been feeling the best the past few days. She has been a little warm, and extra tired. We started her on the preventative influenza medicine earlier this week after being exposed. However, Thursday night we thought she had the stomach flu. She was very clingy and had a fever that went as high as 102 before we gave her Tylenol. She only got sick once, but then gagged on some medicine and got sick again! However - she was fine all night!! But, this morning, she was burning up again. To rule out influenza I wanted to take her in. And, since it was Friday I didn't want an ear infection to be bothering her all weekend either.

The good news is, she is influenza NEGATIVE!! YAY!! But, she does have an ear infection..."fire engine red" is what the PA said! So, we are normal!!

It felt good to take her temperature, and see that it was high...and not have to run to the hospital for blood work! We still did end up going to the doctor, but the "fear" was not there like it always was in the past. As we walked out I told our regular physical, it felt good to just be "normal" with her!!! And, 19 months and only her second ear infection....can't beat that!!

I expect her to be feeling better tomorrow...and back to her normal-little self! I will admit, that her dad and I did selfishly enjoy the extra love she let us give her the past 24 hours. The time was precious.

PS. For those of you who have had to have the influenza "q-tip" test...Charli was such a champ! She didn't cry, sneeze, or even bat an eye after the test!! She blew out of her nose, like something felt funny...but didn't skip a beat! I, on the other hand, thought I was going to die when I had my test earlier this week!!!


Smolek Happenings said...

well if u see my post today, colby wasn't so lucky. :( influenza positive...what time did u go in? we prob passed each other in the hall!! :P

Anonymous said...

She IS a champ!!! When they did the test on me...I practically cried...ok...I DID!!! We're glad she's feeling better~aunt amanda & uncle brad

Anonymous said...

So glad Charli is feeling better...and you, too. Grmpa has a sore throat today and I am trying to avoid catching it many "bugs" floating around. Will be so nice when the weather gets nice again. We have enjoyed your posts...thanks for all the pictures. XXOOPP Grma P