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Monday, February 04, 2008

Little Miss. Little Miss

scooping snow with daddy! (spinning circles in the water!)

Charli, Daddy, and Colton

mommy and spider-monkey

looks like trouble to me!!

mommy put a barrett in my hair!!


my recovering blackeye!!

the amazing tower of Charli

Charli's new train!

kisses for Kasper!!

It seems like I have been updating less frequently. Charli has been up to her same ole self. She has some major personality shining through, and is really starting to show favoritism to certain things and certain people.

Charli will randomly say words that really shock me. Today I took a toy away from her as we were walking out the door and she got really mad at me! She said "I need ball mom", ATTITUDE!

She really likes to take me by the hand and lead me places. But, she likes me to crawl with her...if I get up and walk she wants met to pick her up. She can be a handful, imagine what she will be like in the coming months!!!! *love it!*

I think she is working on her "I" teeth. Her eye has been a little yucky again, but I think it is from the teeth. She goes to see the dentist later this week, hopefully we will have some news...but I am not counting on anything.

We hope everyone is having a great week! Hard to believe Charli is "officially" closer to being 2 years old than one year old. SCARY!!!!


AndreaChad said...

How cute! I love the look on her face when you put the barrette in! I also like the tower of cups on her head! Have a great rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE seeing pictures!!! Chad looked cute holding "2" babies!!! If Charli likes to scoop snow....send her to my sidewalks!!~aunt manda

Anonymous said...

aawww Charli is getting so big! and so so cute! love her kisses for kasper! have the trip to the dentist goes well have a great weekend God Bless and prayers
Samm & Deqlan

The Currie Family said...

Love the new pics, she is getting too big...our babies are growing up way TOO FAST! sniff sniff. Hope you all are doing well.

Anonymous said...

She is talking up a storm it seems like! How neat. I can't believe our babies will be TWO this year!?! Time sure has gone by fast.
HUGS! Love the pictures ;)