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Monday, January 28, 2008

better late than never??!

Okay, sorry Amanda...I know I promised these last week!

I don't have too much to report. We had a pretty low-key weekend. Charli had her 18-month check up on Friday - she did great. She had to get three shots, but was so brave - hardly any tears...wish I was as tough!! She is still long and thin, and going strong. We estimate that she knows between 25-30 words, I think she probably knows more. But, believe it or not, she doesn't talk that much. I wonder where she gets that from, must be me!!

This weekend Charli helped clean around the house! Saturday she helped me dust, and did a great job. Later she helped her dad SWIFER the kitchen floors...and I must say that she by far does a much better job than me!! Sunday she thought about running the vacuum, but decided it seemed a little to mean!!

She is big into playing hide-in-seek, and will play with anyone she meets! She tried to play with a nice stranger in Target Sunday, but I guess the stranger didn't want to play!! Tonight she decided to walk around the kitchen in my heels, which she put on while we were just standing around talking.

Charli is really gaining major personality this week. Everyday we can see her change in some amazingly awesome way! She is great at communicating, which I have always said...but she understands so many commands, it is hard to believe.

It looks like Charli has sustained some damage from the chemo she received over the course of 2007. She has a perfect line of damage across her top teeth, and it looks like another is appearing on the bottom as well. Because of the uniformity, we are all confident that it is from the chemo and not some random tooth decay. That and the fact that this kid never has any's too bad that this is coming up - but in the scope of things I know it is nothing! However, it is just another reminder of something that will forever be apart of our lives. I am just sadden to think that Charli will have to continue to suffer from it. Hopefully she won't have any pain with it. Eventually we should be able to tell if it has done any damage to her permanent teeth, but I am not sure how long we will have to wait. We will be taking her to a pediatric dentist in the near future.

Enjoy the pictures! It seems like we should have more, but she keeps us so entertained we forget to snap the pictures...Have a great week everyone!!

I can feed myself...a little messy!

mommy's got it made!!!!


do these shoes go with my shirt?!

these shoes are made for walking!


look at Charli's crazy hair!!


who put this pillowcase on me?!!

check out the rocking locks!!!!


Madison's Mommy said...

she's so cute. i'm so sorry about everything you are going through, it must be insanely difficult. =(

stay strong!
you have a BEAUTIFUL daughter!

Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Wow, she is getting so grown up! Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! I love that she's in high heels!! Too cute. I sure do miss chatting it up with you everyday!!!

samm said...

Hi Charli, yes the heals definitely match the top! I just love them! You are cuter everytime i can to check in on you and so glad to hear you are doing so well! Sorry to hear about your teeth , i pray its not permanent. You still remain in our prayers and thoughts, big hugs from all of us especially Deqlan
God Bless
Love Samm & Deqlan

AndreaChad said...

Glad to see that she is a little cleaner! lol Sorry to hear about her teeth and glad that you are already on top of it! I love the pic of her in the pillow case!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. Such a good helper! XXOOPP Grma & Grndpa P