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Friday, January 18, 2008


I must first apologize for the lack of pictures...I haven't uploaded any this week!

The week has gone quickly! Work went really well this week, I am excited to do it again next week - I hope I can can survive on my own!

Today I got to enjoy my first Friday was nice, but the day went twice as fast as a "working" day!! I was able to catch up with a few friends I hadn't talked to for a very long time, and that was priceless!! I also ran many errands, and should free up the weekend a lot!

This week Charli did a couple new and cute things! Chad brought her to work one night and got to see all the neat toys! As they left she said "I want ball!!", then she cried because she had to leave!! Tonight, as Chad was rocking her before bed I walked out of the room and said "love you Charli!", and she said "love you" back...ahhh!!! She is learning and understanding commands more and more each day, it is amazing!

It is super cold here, so I am not sure what we will do - but hopefully we will find something "super-fun"!!

Have a great weekend ya'll!


ChandraJoy said...

I am so glad the new job is going well! I'm sure you will do great next week on your own! Isn't it precious the first time you hear them say "love you?" I hope you all enjoy your cold weekend. It is pretty cold here in OK too. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Brenda...I've been thinking of you so much and hoping the job is going well. It seems to be such a good fit for you..."love you" all, too. :o) Grma P