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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'll always have you

Our weekend wasn't too eventful, which is kind of the way we like them!

Friday night, as I posted before Charli went to bed with NO pain medicine Friday night. She didn't even wake up needed any, I was so surprised. She is the toughest little girl I know...toughest person I know!

Saturday I went to Grand Island with my mom, I had fun! I wanted to look into getting a new computer. I have no clue if mom enjoyed herself but I did. When I got home I realized that I can't remember the last time I went shopping with my mommy! We got my computer and spent the rest of the afternoon looking for some new clothes for work! We had a nice relaxing lunch and didn't seem to be in a rush - which felt nice. When we got back to Columbus she headed home to pick up dad and they went out to visit my sister...for Shawn's birthday (tomorrow).

Charli and Daddy stayed home, and enjoyed themselves...a lot! Charli does all sorts of weird things when she is home with her dad! She feel asleep eating this time, last week she feel asleep on the floor while playing/reading his magazine! They really enjoy getting to spend the extra time together. I always feel guilty leaving, but know that they like it when I am gone!
Today we all stayed home! We did venture out for groceries and a trip to Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply!!

We have our "Charli" back now, and it is great!! She has been eating really well, and sleeping well...she is so happy and just so much fun to be around! She is getting so silly. And, it is monkey see, spider-monkey do now more than ever! The good stuff, and the bad stuff!! She loves to help clean up her toys and throw things away. She really LOVES her fridge radio that she dances to about 100 times a day! And, she is understanding so much. She can get a toy that is a specific color, put things in order of size to fit together, and she will saw both Wynston and Kaspers name! And...she is trying to say "Amanda"! She also is learning some animal noises...her best is the piggy!!

Tomorrow is my first day...wish me luck!

There is so much more I want to say about what Charli is doing, but I guess ya'll will just have to visit her to see for yourself!!

helping my brothers eat!

just got done feeding myself pudding, a little messy!

trying to pass the time while waiting...

getting ready to go to surgery

after her "episode", tuckered out


asleep in the highchair...she ate while sleeping too!

LAST port access!

ready to walk into the hospital, look happy don't I?!

I LOVE shoes!

cute pink bibs...and there is Kasper!


playing and entertaining the nurses!


Anonymous said...

As I read this blog..I am sitting her bawling!!!!!And they are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY tears!!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy to hear you say that you got 'your Charli' back!!! She is so precious..I'm glad she is doing SO FINE!!!!:) Next, the happy tears are because I CANNOT wait to hear her say "Amanda"!!!!! Keep practicing it!!!!!~Love Aunt Amanda & Uncle Brad

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say good luck for your first day at your new job hope its great! love the photos - and what a clever girl Charli is! Look forward to hearing all about your new work! God Bles Samm & Deqlan

AndreaChad said...

I LOVE to hear about all the new things that she is doing! Monkey see, Monkey do can be a very dangerous game depending on where you are!! Hopefully she only copies you and Chad and then she will be fine! Love the new pics! Have a fabulous day at your new career!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME to hear she is doing great!!

Have a fantastic day at your new job.

LOVE the bibs. ;)
Love you all-Aunt Janelle

Anonymous said...


The Robbins said...

I am glad to hear Charli's surgery went well! I love the cute photos. Hope you guys are doing well! Good luck with the job! I amm sure your day is going great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Charli, I am inspired by her (and you) daily. The new pictures are priceless!! Have fun on your new adventure...looking forward to hearing about your first day! Take Care and God Bless!!