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Friday, January 04, 2008

ER visit

Charli has not been feeling well all week :-( She has had a cough and runny nose that just seems to be getting her down. She has done well during the day when she gets to play-play-play all day with her friends. However, when she actually has to slow down for the day (while at home of course!) she would get very fussy and we could just tell she didn't feel good.

Last night around 6:00 she spiked a fever. Because she still has her port (until NEXT Friday) we had to take her in to get blood work done to rule out any infections. Before doing the blood draw they did look her over pretty good and discovered an ear infection. This is most likely what caused the temperature. But, we can not be too safe so she did have to have the blood drawn from her port. She is such a trooper. Imagine this...being held down on a bed and having large needle poked into your chest (into the port). Would you cry and make a fuss? Charli did not. She is so tough and strong - all the nurses and doctors always comment on how well she tolerates all that she goes through. Now...she doesn't like being held against her will, so she was a bit upset about it...but nothing like she should be! While we were waiting to access the port and again when we were waiting for the initial report she so calmly slept on my shoulder. How peaceful and wonderful it was for me!

The initial blood work came back looking okay, with her white count where it should be. However, they will still do the blood culture for two days to make sure there is nothing. In the meantime she is on an antibiotic for 10 days and ear drops as needed. I hope that everything clears up and she is "good as new" before having to go to Omaha Friday. I would hate for the surgery to be postponed due to her being sick. So please, say your prayers!

I read on another mom's blog today about her daughter who was complaining of a stomach ache. And she said something that rings true for me. When your child is a cancer survivor or warrior nothing goes unnoticed. Without sounding negative, I see the weird looks a lot of people give me when I express my concern about Charli being sick or acting "funny". I can feel the "you are over reacting" vibes you send me! However, the pit is always in our stomachs that it is more than meets the eye. And, as this mom said...unless you are a parent of a child who is fighting or has fought cancer you will never understand the pain that any "off" movement gives. And it is true. I can't remember who I told this to a few days ago, but I said my head tells me that Charli is just fighting a cold and feeling yucky, but my heart always fears it is something more. Some of you may remember that I told myself for three weeks (before her diagnosis) that it must be her ears, teeth, etc...prolonging her actually diagnosis. So...hopefully most of you can try to understand why we are the way we are. But I realize there will always be those who think we are nuts and we need to just let our child get sick like a "regular kid". The thing is...she isn't a "regular" kid!!

Bottom line - we are confident she has an ear infection and should be feeling good as new in no time! PRAISE GOD for this. Oh, and this is her FIRST ever ear infection...we are very lucky to have made it this long!!


AndreaChad said...

I don't think you are overprotective at all. B/C of your experience I am MUCH more in tune to Calla's health (more so then I would have been before)...I want to be able to notice if she is acting different and be able to know what is normal for her!

Anonymous said...

I am GLAD you posted everything you said!!! I KNOW people give you comments (that they shouldn't) and looks (that they shouldn't)! You and Chad are WONDERFUL parents and I want you to ALWAYS remember that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm the same way! As soon as my kids have a slight fever, etc., I'm off to the doctor. This fall/winter, because of my children's strep illnesses, we were visiting the doctor's office every week it seemed, sometimes MORE than once a week. Even the PA got sick of seeing us and predicted a virus that needed to "run its course" the 2nd and 3rd times my kids tested positive. I was glad though that I trusted my instincts and took them in and INSISTED they be tested. Mothers that have had to deal with major health issues in their children understand your dilegence! I hope Charli is getting better!

Also, I know how hard it is to hear about an angel that you actually knew. We, too, experienced this in September. I'm still feeling it. This week we found out that one of our hospital friends has relapsed from leukemia after remission of more than a year ( This is very difficult, too. After all, both of these things are what we all PRAY each day for our heroes to avoid. Thinking of you ...

And, congrats on the new job! I have Fridays off also. It's nice! I hope you new year is off to a great start!

Kara Cunningham, Lane's mommy
Baldwin City, KS

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the wisdom that God has given you regarding the care of your sweet little girl. None of us (who aren't parents of a child with cancer) can or will ever fully understand what it is like for we will sometimes fail in our ability to express our concern...I hope and pray I haven't...but if I have please smile your sweet smile and forgive me. Acting on the health benefits of Charli will never negate the faith you have in her healing. I admire and appreciate the way you and Chad are so dedicated to her and cautious with her care. You know your child better than anyone else. As those who love Charli so very much, we , too have those thoughts of fear and concern when she becomes ill and probably always will. But it helps for us to try and relate her behavior to a memory of an experience in the past...from our child rearing years. It is not to lesson the seriousness of her situation...but our feable attempt to somehow relate and ease your fear...and then we spend sleepless nights in prayer for her...for you. Keep the good watch over your little warrior. We love you. Keeping you in prayer! Grnpa & Grma P

Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Never under estimate the power of your gut instinct! I am in total agreement. Every medical issue that comes up has that fear behind. No matter if its your daughter, mother or friend. I pray that Charli does well with her port removal this week.
Love and prayers.

ChandraJoy said...

You are a great momma and if other moms think you over react, then poo on them. You have been through so much and you have to look out for your little girl. You do what you need to do for you and your little sweetie and don't worry about what other mom's think.