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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pennies for Patients

Today I spoke at an assembly in Humphrey to the K-12 students. I want to start by saying that they were amazing! Everyone was so well behaved, and the had GREAT questions! Their campaign will last three weeks and at the end of it the money they raise will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Also, today they announced that they will be raising money to duck-tape one of their teachers to the wall!! Which ever teacher has the most votes will be taped to the wall! $1 will buy three feet of tape and one vote! I can't wait to hear who wins...what an awesome idea! they said that any money that is raised for that will go to Charli - how awesome! We will be sure to donate that money to an equally awesome organization in their name.

After I quickly introduced myself I showed a five minute video of Charli - so the kids could "meet" her. It was so funny to hear how the kids reacted to seeing her different pictures! Some got giggles, some got "oohs" and "ahhs", and some got "ahhh" is a sad way. I will try to attach the video for all of you to see as well. The biggest hit (and miss) was the picture of her in her John Deere hat!!

After the video I gave a talk about what went on in our life the past year. I really tried to word it so the kids would understand and "grasp" it. It was difficult because I was talking to a diverse crowd!

At the end the kids asked so many great questions! It was so cute!! Here is a sample of some of the hard-pressing questions I was asked:
-What time does Charli go to bed?
-When does Charli wake up?
-What is Charli's favorite color?
-Has Charli ridden on a tractor?
-Does Charli's daddy do tractor pulls?
-Does Charli like CASE tractors too?
-Does Charli really eat dog food?
-How did she get cancer?
-Can she be around people who are sick?
-Will she be able to play sports?
-Does she still have cancer?
-When is her birthday?
-What does she dream about?
-Do you go to the Relay for Life?
-What was it like for you and your husband when Charli was sick?
-Was it hard to live with someone who has cancer?
-What color are her eyes?

Oh, there were so many cute, fun, and great questions asked. They really did a GREAT job and were so well behaved!! I will hopefully keep you posted on how they do with their fundraising efforts, as well as which teacher gets tapped to the wall!

A great B-I-G THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who was involved with the assembly today. I really enjoyed letting you in on Charli and her journey. And, thank you for making me feel welcome! Chad and I even got little hugs from a student on the way out, along with well-wishes for the future. They were all truly great kids!

Best of luck with your Pennies for Patients campaign, we hope you raise a TON of money!!


Stacy from Michigan said...

What an amazing are truly an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing...have a wonderful weekend. God Bless the Preister Family!

Anonymous said...

That was SO great!!! I'm glad you were able to bring awareness to a whole school!!! You are an amazing person....Love you!!! ~Amanda & Brad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wish that video would come up on MY computer............but I will get to see it sometime.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda,
This is Cara I was at yours and Chads wedding I went with Tracey Gronenthal, I am glad to hear that Charli is doing a ton better. I just wanted to basically add the word on here that my little cousin Aidan Spangler. He is two now and with turn 3 on April 12th. On April 1st, 2007 he was flown to Children's in Omaha to have emergency brain surgery. Short story they diagnosed him with glioblastoma forme. It is basically the worst kind of brain cancer you can have. He was doing very well up until around October/November. Anyway at Christmas time he was in a lot of pain and everytime we moved him he would moan and groan. Well he went back to have his MRI January 25th and it didn't come out well they found another tumor and this one is inoperable, it is in the part of the brain that runs the motor skills. They are going back down on friday to do a scan of his spin to see if it has spread to there. He no longer walks and has cut down on talking he is in extreme pain. I guess I just wanted to pass the story on for everyone to pray and hopefully he can be as strong as he was the first go around. Please if anyone has any questions my email address is Thank-you so much chad and brenda and your little girl looks fabulous. Chad she looks like you man!! Glad to hear that the family is doing great!!!

The Robbins said...

THanks for sharing the video, it is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Working with kids everyday as I do, I know you touched some lives at the school. Neat video! She is growing so fast. Cute, Cute, Cute!
Abbie & Doug Oberhauser