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Monday, January 07, 2008

snow snow go away!

On Sunday we went out to play in the snow, and Charli seemed to have a good time! We didn't stay out there too long, since she is still fighting her cold - but I thought some fresh air might do her some good.

I felt like a "real" mom last night...I sewed a pair of Charli's pants!! She somehow tore the side! She is in her bed, not to happy about bed time. However, two minutes before she was so relaxed on my shoulder as we rocked. And, two minutes before that she couldn't stand up on her own! Mood swings anyone?!! Ahh, some quiet!

Just as a reminder, I know a few of you have asked, Charli has her port removed this Friday (the 11th). We will need to be in Omaha by 7:00. They will also perform a CT scan Friday. We expect to be home that afternoon. Charli won't be able to eat after midnight Thursday night, lucky we *hope* she will be under "general" by 9:00...which is only a bit after her normal breakfast time, although she doesn't generally get up at 5:00 either!! We hope for a smooth day, but won't hold our breath. Please keep Charli in your prayers that she can kick this cold before surgery, so she has one less thing to work against while she heals.

Enjoy the pictures....

I can't get up with all these clothes on!

What is this stuff?!


playing shy!

Kasper...thank you for teaching Charli to crawl on the furniture. One less thing for me to do...naughty puppy!

Who do you think had more fun?!

mmm, I am not so sure about this!!

look at that priceless grin!

1-2-3 JUMP!

so, this is what "knee high" means!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this Brenda but I had to laugh when I read that you sewed. I know that you did in 4-H but it's still funny. Zander doesnt like snow so much.

Anonymous said...

"Pretty in Pink".....WHAT A PRINCESS!!!! She gets cuter by the looks like she REALLY enjoyed the snow...must get that from her daddy! It'll be cute when she's behind him scooping snow next!!! And of course...she is ALWAYS in our prayers!!! Love, Aunt Amanda & Uncle Brad

Sheila Ferrell said...

Too sweet! I would be a terrible aunt because I would just have to squeeze those cute cheeks of hers. She has always been the cutest and her mischievous side is definitely coming out. What a doll!!
I will be praying for a good and quick morning Friday.

Anonymous said...

gLooks like she really likes the snow..........and Daddy does too.
I am glad to see that she used her sled.
Charli is really developing her own cute.

G-ma B

Anonymous said...

I love the snow pictures. She has so many clothes on you just see her beautiful smile peeking out. It looks like she had a great time. We did the same thing for the first time at our house a the weekend after Christmas. We "laid some track" in our sled in the backyard. I think the Daddy's have just as much fun as the girls.

It's always great to see pictures of Charli. It looks like we should find you some hair ties and send them to you soon. So much beautiful hair!! She looks great!

We will be praying for her this week, as always.

The VanDyke Family in Michigan

Anonymous said...

My kids were envious of your snow picures!!!! Between yesterday and today all of our snow has melted...yesterday hit 64 is rain...yes we love the Michigan weather!!

I continue to keep Charli and all of the other beautiful NB fighters in my prayers!! I pray now for quick and easy procedures for Charli (and her family) on Friday and also for Comfort, Peace and Guidance to Jillian's family. God Bless you all!

Heather Dawson said...

Hi... this is Sadie's mom. Thanks for leaving a note in her caringbridge guestbook. I loved looking through your site... what a strong little girl you have. She's lucky to have such loving parents!! Best of luck to you always!!

Anonymous said...

Aw what lovely pics as always! Wish we had snow to play in at the moment its just rain and more rain!All our prayers, thoughts and best wishes are with you all for Friday! Look forward to reading everything went smoothly and great results from the scan! Please also pray for our Deqlan as he has his bone marrow biopsy tommorow ! Hugs and prayers Samm & Deqlan
p.s - hello t Grandma B as well!

AndreaChad said...

I can't wait to play in the snow again next year when Calla can actually walk on her own! Good pics!

ChandraJoy said...

I will be thinking of Charli this Friday. I pray it all goes as smooth as possible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures! Looks like we will have a little more white stuff to play in today. I will lift you all in prayer these next two days, and keep you in prayer always. XXOOPP Grma P

Michelle said...

Love the pictures of Charli in the snow. Brenda, Chad and Charli our hearts are with you this Friday for Charli's port removal, praying for a smooth and pain free recovery.

Many hugs and prayers,

Michelle Westfall