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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been tagged by a few friends and I need to update that - but I wanted to do the pictures one while I was thinking about it!

The rule is that I open the sixth photo folder and pick the sixth picture and post well as the memory from it!! And also, tag six others to do it too! It is hard, because so many of my friends have been tagged from someone else!!


I remember this moment! Charli was having dry Cheerios for breakfast and she had one in her hand and she ate it! I asked her where it went, and she did if to say "all gone" or "i don't know"!! I love this - looking at old pictures takes me back to the EXACT moment! THIS is why pictures are so great! Ahh, I miss little Charli! This was not that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime and yesterday at the same time!!

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The Hudcaps said...

I could not have summed it up so well. You are exactly right! Even with both Lilly and Madeline I think that. While it's exciting to see them grow and change it's also a little sad to know that you can't go back to those days.