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Friday, August 20, 2010


I realized it has been awhile since I posted pictures of the kids, I was a little busy posting Dierks last time :-)

Harper is busy talking about puppies and babies, thinking everything must be either a "pup-py" or "bab-by". As I write this he is freaking out in his highchair as he sits in timeout for pulling things out of a drawer he knows he should not be in. His attitude could not be more different from Charli's at this age! Man, I learn that EVERY DAY! He is a super happy kid, but he can throw a fit - and I just can't remember Charli doing this. I am sure she did though! I am guessing we just gave in with her, so there was no fit to be had!!

Charli continues to learn the boundaries and lessons of being a big sister. When he is upset she tries to comfort him, but when he has something she wants she is not slow at trying to get it back from him! She is protective of him when he is in "trouble" and tries to talk him out of being upset when that happens too. I am proud of the way she steps up to the plate as a big sister, and has grown and changed a lot the past few months.

we took Charli to the circus Thursday night. Charli LOVES the circus! Each time we tell her we are going to do something fun, or do a "surprise" she asks if it is the circus. She was attentive the entire time and loved each part. However, the one part she did NOT like was the ending. She started to cry when she realized it was over. I mean cried, like a baby, cried! Like I said, she loves the circus!

Harper being ornery before leaving for daycare. He likes to get about 10-15 things out each morning to play with and explore!

Charli showing off her shirt...sticking close to harper in the morning like usual! a few mornings ago she informed me that she has "hips" and can shake them. Learning from a 4-year old is priceless!

while harper gets a bath, so does Charli's baby. She has two babies that she loves very is named Harper and the other is named Charli. When you ask her why she picked those names she will say "because my babies are sooo cute"!!

bummer, a bruise! This is a result of a little mishap on the 4-wheeler. She is no worse for wear, but did take a tumble after a 4-wheeler "accident". She is a great rider and respects the rules and the machine, but took a hand off for a few seconds and slid into something at the shop and took a fall. She had a few scratches and bumps and bruises but got right back on and wasn't afraid of it! She was more concerned about what happend to her 4-wheeler -- the paint cracked a little. More to come, I am certain of that.

not sure what this face was about!

Charli was playing "money". To play this game with Charli is simple, each time I have a turn I have to pay her "two dollars" and each time she has a turn I have to pay her "two dollars". Fun. :-)

this is how Harper eats cantaloupe! Couldn't get enough, if you can believe that.

Charli's new favorite spot to watch tv...on top of the top of the couch! I remember doing this when I was her age! crazy!

playing with the slip-n-slide after it broke! She was playing nicely and all of a sudden we had a flood of water out the bottom! She popped it! :( sad little girl!

before the fun was over, she was just warming up to the cold water!

one of Harper's new favorite past times...climbing up on the chair and playing with whatever Charli has out for her babies. Fun for him, until he is caught by Charli!

from Charli's party at daycare. I think she got this hat from her grandma a few years ago...she wears it each year at daycare! I wonder when she will be over that tradition, 20...25?! :)

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Anonymous said...

I believe there is a little bit of the "Mother" in these two kids!!!!