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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Charli's day!

We had a fantastic day with the birthday girl today! We didn't tell her of the surprise trip to the zoo, but she did guess it as we walked to the gates! She had a great day. We took the skyfari ride, which is like a ski lift that goes above the zoo. She wasn't scared even a little...I, however, was! I hate heights!

She wanted to ride the train so badly, but the line was no less than 200 people long, and she was already spent for the day. So we headed up for snack and the gift shop! She was most concerned with getting a gift for Harper! She picked a small stuffed Lion that "roars"!

After the zoo we went to visit our friend Andy who is in the hospital at Childrens. He is currently in treatment, and has low counts. She picked out a few fun gifts for him as well!

Then, we headed to Sheels to ride the ferris-wheel. She loved that...again, I was not the biggest fan. Parental sacrifice, wonderful.

When we got home we ate her birthday supper, opened gifts, ate cake, played and went to bed! Everyone is exhausted and ready for sweet dreams!

Happy Birthday Charli, you are FOUR today! You are an amazing girl who I love more than life itself! So glad we had a wonderful day! Let's see how life changes in the next 356 days!

Charli waving to a super cute monkey! (he didn't wave back!)

since I am in charge of the camera, we don't generally get any actions shots!

our only group shot! not exactly a portrait!


she loved that she was taller than me!

a pretty butterfly! But, if you look long enough it is creepy looking! STOP LOOKING :-)

one of the amazing animals we saw on our travel above the zoo! Got amazing shots on that ride!

Charli is nearly as tall as the emperor penguin!

this was swimming above our head, comforting!

"look mom, it's Dorie" - for those who haven't seen Finding Nemo - this means nothing to you!

Charli and her dad!!!!!!! (ahhh, haa...the beauty of running this blog!!)


red tongue after snack! A combination of a smile and tongue shot!

giggle smile in front of her one of her bday gifts! A toy box...she IS excited about it! Harper has a blue one with an elephant and basketball hoop! Charli's has a monkey and hippo! They are adorable, and if you have kids you need one too!!

happy birthday!!

he ate all of Chad's cake! And, threw a fit when it was gone!


Jen said...

Looks like a great day! Happy birthday Charli

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

What a fun day!!!! Charli, you are a very blessed little girl and we love you very much! XXXXOOOOPPPP