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Sunday, July 25, 2010

4th birthday party - day!!

Charli in her new PJ's she got from her great-grandma and great-grandpa...she could not WAIT to get these on for bed the night of her birthday party!!!

Landon was admitted to the ER last week with some complications from his abdominal surgery last year when he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. I surprised them with a visit, traveled there Sunday night and stayed most of the day Monday! It was a great visit...wish I could have stayed for days!!

Chad and Charli went hunting last weekend. I use the word loosely! Charli had a great time, and Chad enjoyed taking her! They both came home with lots of stories to tell :-) Somehow didn't get the picture posted of her after she fell on Chad's prowler! She was hot and tired after a long day of hunting!

a typical look from Harper, but one that it hard to catch with the camera!

went to Lincoln on Friday to experience the National Special Olympics. I knew I wanted to take Charli down to be apart of it, but was certain it wasn't going to work out. After more thought I realized it was something we couldn't pass up! After I decided we would attend a basketball game, I found out that the game we were going to watch was one that Chad's cousin was playing in! It was so much fun to watch all the participants and absorb the energy! The kids were way into the game! Charli enjoyed cheering for both teams, and her baby even enjoyed herself! Harper clapped eachtime any play was made, and loved the excitment! This picture is of Chad's cousin Meghan after their game, where they won 2nd place. WAY TO GO TEAM NEBRASKA!!!

loving on blackberries! While this child may never stop eating, he eats foods that are very good for I can't complain too much!! Of all the fruit/veggies we have tried we have found that the only one he doesn't like is tomatoes...but we will keep working on that!

soon enough he will tumble end over end!

ahhh, here is the sleeping shot! A little out of order :-)

totally out of order, sorry!! Here is Charli with her gun she took hunting with Chad!

doesn't need the paci to sleep...yet not ready to let it go!!

This is how Charli went to sleep on Sunday night, which was her "birthday party day"! She got the kangaroo for her birthday, which she asked for right after Christmas! She got a TON of great things, all centered around babies - her new love! She keeps very entertained and busy with taking care of her babies. She told Chad today, "we have to take a lot of things when we take a baby, isn't that right daddy"! Amen to that ! I am glad that we can get in the car and go with a sippy up and a diaper!

determination! He made it nearly 1/2 way up the slide...before sliding back down!

Charli got a soccer net/ball and shin guards...she was all over that! She had a great time playing soccer with Ryen, Macey, and Colton! Braxton even tried to get in on the action!

LadyBug LadyBug oh so sweet - being 4 will be so neat :-)

enjoying a nice cool treat at grandma and grandpa's house!! They were SO excited when all the mom's said they could have TWO!! Macey *Colton*Ryen*Charli


hmmm, ever seen his little girl before??

slap some modern clothes on this little girl, and it would be Charli 2010! Again, Brenda in 1983!
Although, Charli is MUCH cuter :-)


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Charli looks JUST LIKE YOU DID when you were little! Gorgeous little thing! So glad the birthday party went well!!! Thanks again for your surprise visit to see Landon at the hospital! You made OUR day!!
Love ya!!

The Wiechman's said...

Can you say MINI ME! I never realized how much you two look alike. Looks like a lot of fun happening in your neck of the woods.

Natalie said...

Oh wow!! Charli DOES look like her mommy! Crazy! Who is that in the picture with you?? He has a MoorMan's hat on...that's where MY dad worked!! LOL