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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

catch up

So much catching up to do! I will try to make it quick, because we all know you come here for the pictures :-)

Last weekend with the help of a few people I threw together a surprise birthday party for Chad, the big 3-0! We did this as a combo party with our friend Josh, who has a birthday on Christmas and often gets the short end of the birthday stick! So, we had a 1/2 party for him too! It was fun. Each of them knew I was having a party for the other, but making it all blend together was tricky! Both had a good time and were able to celebrate in style!!

friends at the bar to celebrate for a bit!

Charli is BIG into babies right now, not sure where that came from! But, this is her little baby. Her name is Harper. She even gets to sleep with Charli's silky blanket, which is a big-big deal! She comes everywhere with us, and Charli can't wait to get another one for her birthday?!!

this boy LOVES these!!!

not sure which one had more fun!

why does dad ALWAYS get the good spots in the house?!


Jen said...

Charli looks so grown up! Very cute pics!

Rachelle said...

Glad the party went well Brenda! Great pictures - your kiddos are adorable! Hopefully we can catch up one of these days! :o)

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Love the picture of Chad and the kids! Your family is such a joy to us and many others! XXXXOOOOPPPP