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Sunday, October 24, 2010

fall fun!

Charli and her daddy...we took a try at family pictures this weekend. hoping a few turned out!

chad's try at the camera!

harper thought the seeds tasted delicious!

charli has found a new love for the camera! I have found the funniest pictures on my camera lately!!

ooooo, so funny to see color pop up on a page!!

he also finds a lot of enjoyment of feeding himself - often making himself giggle!

this is how she came out of her room...I think we live a little too far east for this look. I think she has spent too much time with aunt rachelle!! AHHH-HAAA ;-)

tossing confetti at me - punk!

at the Disney Live Mickey Mouse Rockin' Road Show (or something like that!) we were in the VIP section, so we got lots of perks - like confetti and bubbles! :D

scary lion!!!

it was kind of hard to focus with mickey behind the curtains!! Before the show they played little skits on their big screen as a "pre-show". Charli could NOT be bothered by this, she told me "it isn't even real" and was a total snob about it too!!

charli*ryen*macey before the show!

pretty-pretty girl!

one of the random pictures I found!

another random shot!


Natalie said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time...those girlies are so cute! So are their mommies! LOL

And,'ll be the first one I call...even tho you won't be 10 steps'll only be one or two buttons on my phone from knowing!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day in Grand Island!!!
the girls looked like they really had a good time ( the little ones and the "big"ones).
Harper is getting so grown up........can't believe he could clean out the pumpkins!!