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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

beautiful weather!!

we have been loving this wonderful weather we have been blessed with!! the kids love it, we love's been a great combination!! as summer winds down fall picks up and that means a different kind of busy for us!

Harper had a rough couple of days with not feeling well and "gaining" some independence, while not being quite independent enough to know!! Charli does her best to be his second mother, while still being the protective big sister when he is in trouble!

Hope you are all making great memories too!!

Charli didn't hesitate to pick footballs when she had her face painted last weekend!

she was riding int he kiddie cars, which were going to slow for her...she kept rocking back and forth to make them go faster!!

Chad and Harper swinging on the playground while Charli played with her new friends on the "big kid" set!

Charli ran in the fun run for the second time! She got 4th place this year ;-)

she was so proud of her ribbon!

however...this was the look she gave me as we left the house - she was less than impressed that we were leaving before she could eat a snack! this look just screams "welcome to your teenage years" to me. I can only imagine!!

Harper is loving his new big-kid seat! We don't trust the two kids to eat side by side yet, partially because I think Haper would swipe Charli's food and also because Charli loves to feed him...and he doesn't need that extra help! But, when we aren't all sitting down together she will still get up from her side to go over and help him get food on his spoon or give him a drink! Or...take the food she likes off his plate ;-)

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Jen said...

Love the pics! 4th in the fun run! good job!