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Sunday, October 17, 2010

halfway thru October, really?!!

he was playing 'jack in the box' and was completely shocked when he popped up and we played peek-a-boo!!

eating at the klub Sunday night, the big kid forks are so much easier to use...and so much more fun to make noise with ;-)

having fun feeding corn to the goats, one kernel at a time. big sister doesn't always share the corn evenly, so I guess he knows to ration it out!

it took him all of about 3 seconds to mimic her doing this to climb over!

the goats love when the kids come! They get extra food and they play in the fence with them...and get them very excited!! exercise for all :-)

making dust!!

he is an excellent cone-maze maker!

you can see who is more excited to run the equipment!

having so much fun coloring after lunch!

at the pumpkin patch...!! this is SO what "family" pictures are like too!! HARPER LOOK THIS WAY!!

they each picked their pumpkin!

she loved this slide! We did it two times, and she probably would have gone for 100!

laying in the front yard checking out the stars!!

Chad and I got to enjoy a night with friends last weekend! We had a great time as usual! My sister (vicki) and her husband met us there and I reminded them why I am the fun sister :-)


Not the fun sister!!!!! said...

Well ....

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures! Looks like your Fall is off to a FUN start!!!