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Friday, June 08, 2007

i forgot!!

I forgot to post these pictures...and I apologize for that. Shortly after Charli's benefit we received the most precious handmade blanket from a group of moms I met while I was pregnant with Charli. We call ourselves the July06 moms!! All of these people have children the same age as Charli. Although not every mom was able to contribute to this quilt, the ones that did - made this on behalf of all of them! I want to take a quick second to give a HUGE 'shout out' to them. These are the moms who have given me so much support, love, and understanding both before and after Charli's diagnosis. While we were struggling with what to do with Charli, before we KNEW it was cancer...they pushed me to follow our gut and continue on until we found answers. Without these ladies...I would be LOST! I have found several wonderfully close friends, that continue to amaze me daily! I pray that everyone can meet someone as great as these women, I have been blessed

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Anonymous said...

This quilt looks AWESOME!!! July 06 Mommies ROCK!!!!!!!!
XOXO-Courtney (aKa Courtneysbaby)