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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

who'd a thunk it?!

Well...I took Charli into the Dr today and we have some news about her rash, or at least we think we do!

It turns out that sometimes exposure to the antibiotic she is on can cause an allergic reaction very similar to this. Although there is no clear cut way to tell right now, it seems to fit the symptoms. Our Dr. in Columbus is going to contact Charli's oncologist to see what she feels.

Going to the clinic today was a good experience. Dr. Rohwer talked with me for about 30 minutes, and I left feeling very good. We talked about her treatment and how things are going. We also talked about her diet and her lack of interest in food, and also the transition over to "big girl" milk!

We should have an answer after the weekend regarding the reaction to her medicine - before her next dose.

Thanks for the concern :-)


NB Warrior said...

awe, I'm sorry that Charli has a rash... that is no fun for the little ones.. =) Little David has his appointment tomorrow for his shots, on his birthday mind you... hehehe He won't be to happy about that! I'm almost done with formula!! yeah! =) But my daycare provider informed me yesterday that she doesn't supply whole milk so if that's what I want him to drink, I have to bring it. Geez, I thought I was done with bringing his 'milk'. Oh well.... enough of my complaining! hehehe
I hope Charli's 'rash' heals so she can get to what babies do best.... get into trouble! ;o)

Anonymous said...

David got a rash from an antibiotic when he was a baby too--he had red spots all over his tummy and back. Maybe it's something in those Taake genes! Great to see all the fun photos of your family! Jonell

Anonymous said...

Charli looks "ADORABLE" in uncle brad's hat!!! rumor has it....Charli had a "BLAST" at aunt amanda & uncle brad's....i think she would like to go there again...REAL SOON!!!!

RLH said...

I hope it rains out here today, not for the crops or the plants for the girls and I to "get washed" and if it doesn't ---- I guess I feel "washed" today just by reading today's blog! Thanks, it is just what a mother of an independent 4 yr. old needed to read today! Thanks again. I hope everyone is feeling better, you have had quite a week :-)