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Monday, July 30, 2007

many thanks...

I wanted to give a few special thank yous to some special people!

First we want to thank my Aunts, Joyce and Nelly Ann, for coming to Charli's party! Both of my mom's sisters were here for a few days and made Charli's party part of their stay. It was very special to have them share in her day!

Second, thank you to Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad for taking over photo control for the day! Anytime I wanted to take a picture and couldn't find my camera it was because Amanda had it, and had already taken the picture! She was great! While Charli was eating her cake and Chad and I were wrapped up in the moment I looked up and saw that Uncle Brad was in charge of video. We haven't had time to watch the video - but we will be forever thankful for them taking charge of that duty. Also - thank you to anyone else who picked up my camera and snapped shots for us!

Lastly, I would like to thank someone - who I do not know her name. My mom and Aunts went to shop at a cute shop in Columbus - Wildwood Hollow, and my mom found a picture/stand that she wanted to buy for us and give us after Charli's appointment Wednesday. Somehow Charli's story came up, and the women told mom to take the picture and put it in a bag for mom to take home. "Faith is not believing God can, it is knowing He will" - I think everyone cried! Thank you for donating not only your merchandise, but your goodwill - these acts of kindness never cease to amaze us.

I am always aware of what I have to be thankful for, but in the past few days - I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness for things that I know I take for granted every single day. I am thankful that I have a car to drive to work, to get groceries, to take Charli to the dr, etc. I am thankful for my husband who wants everything to be neat, straight, and clean all the time - because that means it makes me be all of those things too. I am SO thankful for living close to my family, close enough that if I need my parents they can be here in less than 30 minutes (and they will come if EVER needed). I thank God that I know Charli will have a bed to sleep in, food in her tummy, and a roof over her head. I am thankful that I have done something right - to have been given Charli. I am thankful for having the worlds best daycare to take Charli to, when I can not be with her myself. When you truly sit down and think about all you have to be thankful for it is hard to not think your life is perfect - no matter what is not going your way.

I'm a little more emotional this week, as we are waiting for Charli's tests - which take place Wednesday. I think I could cry at the drop of a hat this week...and have a time or two! Please keep Charli in your thoughts and prayers as her body prepares for the tests Wednesday. Also - our friend Keira goes in for her scans on Wednesday too. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, as they go to the dr. in Texas. (you can follow her journey with the link to the right)

Thank you for still coming to check in on our family. I am amazed by how many people tell me they check this site to check in on Charli. The amount of people who love Charli warms my heart - this world is such a good place. If you ever doubt that, ask me for reasons to prove you wrong!!!!!!


stacy from michigan said...

Thank YOU for showing us how lucky we all truly are! I will hold Charli close to my heart and in my prayers this week. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you tomorrow. We are all so blessed in many ways and consider Charli as one of our very special blessings. Love you. Grm & Grp P