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Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Charli!

I can't believe that Charli is going to be one year old tomorrow. Looking back at each month, I feel like I can remember each day that has passed. A part of me will always resent loosing so much of her infancy to her cancer, but a part of me will be thankful too. Because of her diagnosis we have treasured each moment together as a family, and "family" has been given a new definition. I know that we loved Charli before she became another NB kid, but nothing compares to your outlook on life once something like this happens. It is something I can't describe, no matter how hard I try.

When we all wake up tomorrow Charli will be starting a new chapter in her life, as a ONE YEAR OLD! I can only imagine all the wonderful things that life has in store for us in the coming year. Thank you for sharing in Charli's life thus far, what a journey it has been?!

Tomorrow is her big party, and I am so sadly-excited. We are going way over-the-top, and have no regrets about in. In our opinion, Charli has had entirely too many over-the-top BAD days, she deserves one over-the-top GOOD day - and that is what we hope to accomplish!!! I am sure I will post lots of pictures and stories about the party. I just don't want to stop writing right now, because I know my next post will be about my daughter's FIRST birthday party, where as the time gone?

before we had any idea who "Charli" was, and mommy was calling you "Cohen" the entire time!! So glad to have you here!

I will remember and treasure this EXACT moment forever, what a warm feeling to see your husband and daughter so peacefully

one month old, I was so excited this day - because it was the first day she acted like she enjoyed her swing! I remember timing each minute she stayed it, it was like 45 minutes (she napped!)

2 months...I loved this picture because it looks like a caption under her face "love bug", and she was, she loved to be held and loved!

3 months...she was the cutest pink panther you will EVER find! We took her to visit all her grandparents - and we enjoyed it. I wonder what she will be next year?!

4 months...this pink bunny from Aunt Jennifer was her snuggle buddy for so long, and the swing we borrowed from the McMeekin's - I wanted to make sure she had anything that would make her happy!

5 months...I LOVE this picture, she looks like such a big girl sitting with her gifts from Great Grandma & Grandpa Frauendorfer. We let her spend all morning in her PJ's, because it was Christmas!

6 months... I loved this outfit on her, so cute! This was after Colton's baptism.

7 months... ha ha...Charli used to LOVE to BAM-BAM on daddy's head! At this point Charli was acting sick, but we had NO idea.

8 months...ahhh, this was right after we found out about Charli's NB - that is about all I can remember about this day. That and this shirt used to belong to her cousin Ryen!

9 months...look at all that hair! I can't help but see pictures from here on out and relate them to her treatment, they make me sad and happy at the same time. She loved to discover the mirror!

10 months...the first time meeting a kitty! This was one of our fun/special weekend trips - it was right after her last treatment.

11 months! She is bigger than her stuffed animal from Aunt Kara and Uncle Randy from her first stay at Children's

(almost) 12 months...she loves my shoes, not sure why! She recently started putting them on her hands and driving them around the house! She is so grown up, I love her now more then ever - but I miss my baby!


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet! Charli deserves to have the best birthday ever. She has touched all of us in so many ways. I think that we are just as excited as you for her party. Thanks for letting her spend time with us today. The kids were so touched and excited. We loved every minute of it!!!
Happy Birthday Princess!!!!


Anonymous said...


AndreaChad said...

Happy Birthday Charli!!!! I swear it was just a few months ago that I got that call from your mom saying you were here!!! Now you are ONE and I have a five month old myself!!! We know that you will have the best first birthday party ever!!!! Enjoy!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flash back. Such fun pictures. She is our precious little grand daughter...and we love her so very much. Brenda, you and Chad have done a remarkable job as parents this past year...I just wanted you to know. We look forward to celebrating this first birthday with you and Charli...and look forward to many, many more.
Love, Grma & Grpa P

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Charli! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthdat Charli Ann!!!
You are one special girl who has touched MANY peoples lives!!!

Aunt Rachelle said...

What a great party we had today!!! Charli was so adorable and wow did she loved the cameras!! Thanks for an absolute wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

"AWESOME!!!!!!!!"...that is just one of the MANY words that could have described today!!! We had such a BLAST at Charli's 1st birthday party!!! She did SO good today...i'm pretty sure she knew it was her birthday...she LOVED the many cameras that were on her! You and Chad did such a nice job with ALL of the MANY decorations! The balloons were UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Thank you guys so much for letting us spend time with her on her special day! The pictures of the last 12 months brought tears to me...but happy tears they were! It is crazy to think that she is "1" already! So much has happened this past year! It has made us ALL put our priorities in order! "Family First!" You "Preisters" are the perfect example of "family". Thanks for putting so much time into this blog for everyone! You are doing an amazing job!love you!~amanda & brad~

Bree said...

Happy Birthday sweet Charli. Although we have never met I still feel like you are apart of me.

Justin F. said...

First time writer, long time viewer. I probably check this site 3-5 times a day for new updates, pictures, etc(all while at work...obviously) and also have been tracking the baby birthday meter, which, of course, now reads, "Happy 1st Birthday!". I just want to reiterate it as well, Happy Birthday Charli.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!! Happy 1st Birthday Charli.
Much love, Aunt Janelle

Shevy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great party! Can't wait to see pictures!

Katie VanDyke said...

Having had a July 06 baby also turn one this month, I know how you feel. We went way over the top on her party too. Charli deserves it. I hope everything was wonderful for her. It is kind of bittersweet to hit that 1 year mark. I too, miss my little baby girl but at the same time am so excited about what is to come. Chloe took her first steps this weekend and as I was clapping and making a big deal out of it, I also had tears in my eyes. You have had quite a year. Celebrate your family. Happy Birthday Charli Ann from the VanDyke Family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charli! I can't wait to see pictures from your party. It has been quite a year! My wish for you is that this year will bring health and happiness for you and your parents!

Kim Harris

NB Warrior said...

Brenda, I just had to tell you!!! Little David takes our shoes and puts them on his hands and crawls around the house!! That is too funny that the last picture of Charlie she is doing the same thing. That is too cute!! Loved the year's worth of pictures.