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Sunday, July 15, 2007

time goes so fast!

Another weekend has come and gone, and Monday is just hours away...

We had a good weekend. On Friday Charli and I made a trip to Norfolk. What was supposed to be a short and quick trip turned into a 6 hour adventure! Charli did so good, a great shopper! Although, when we got home she was a little crabby! She skipped her naps that day but it didn't really catch up to her like it probably should have! Later Friday night grandma and grandpa Borg came down. We took Charli to the fair again, and she is STILL scared of sheep! She didn't mind the goats, but was very obvious that the sheep were not her friends! Each time we would get close she would turn her body away from them and bury her head in my body...I have no idea why she is scared of sheep!

Saturday we took Charli to her first wedding! Our daycare provider's oldest daughter, Melissa, got married in Columbus. Charli slept in on Saturday morning so our plan on a nap right before the wedding got kind of thrown out the window! She did really good during the wedding, I think! She saw Lynn and her husband Lonnie (daycare) at the back of the church and just lit up! She lasted all but the last 3-5 minutes of the ceremony, then she wanted to move around! After church we came home so she could nap before the reception. She enjoyed the music, friends, and attention at the reception! We were able to stay for quite awhile and enjoyed visiting with everyone from daycare.

Today, Sunday, we took Charli back to the fair again to the tractor pull! Her daddy was so excited for this day! We stayed for about 30 minutes. They had a breakdown, and we left - I think there was about three hours left of the event when we left - and I think Charli and Chad would have liked to stay all day!!

daddy showing me what I would see at the tractor-pull!!

all my daycare friends (notice my best buddy Lonnie laying on the floor with us!!)

Jennifer (Lynn's youngest daughter) and I at the wedding... I matched the wedding party!

our family :-)

playing at the wedding...I was wearing daddy out!

dancing with Jennifer at her wedding, she was so pretty!

I got stuck again, I always do this! (but I played so nice until daddy lifted it off of me!)

me and mommy before the wedding

me and daddy before the wedding!

daycare kids again - this time with the bride and groom (and Jennifer!)

me with my other "parents" Lynn & Lonnie - they looked so nice!


AndreaChad said...

What a fun weekend!! Her little dress is SO cute!! She should have been in the wedding. I love home daycares b/c you are such a big part of their family. Knowing that was what I had grown up with I would never have considered sending Calla anywhere else! Hope you have a good week!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you guys had a great weekend! She looked adorable in that green dress too!! Brenda-you looked awesome!! Loved that outfit on you! I am happy you guys had such a nice weekend. Keep in touch!
XOXO Courtney

Deanie said...

Hello Charli, you are so beautiful, Happy Birthday. I am a friend of Keira Bowman and I will pray for both of you to be healed and will no longer need treatment for NB.
God Bless
Robbie Lee