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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

never a dull moment

So...the plan was to get ready for Charli's birthday party this afternoon. Well, that didn't happen! Our family spent most of the afternoon in the Columbus Hospital ER department. Ugh! Long story (fairly) short - Charli is running a temp. She woke up with one, but it seemed to go down on it's own fairly quickly. After lunch I got a call from daycare that she was warm again so I called Omaha to see how they wanted to handle it. As we had discussed earlier today they wanted to run blood work to make sure she doesn't have an infection from her port. We opted to do this in Columbus rather than go to Omaha for this. We won't have "official" reports for 48 hours but we should have a good idea sometime tomorrow. Preliminary reports from the ER doctor are that she is fine. Of course, when we got to the ER her temp was 98.1. When I took her from daycare Lynn just took her temp and it was 102.0. We came home from the hospital and she took a nap. When she woke up, it was with a fever again - I waited about an hour hoping it would go down on it's own but it didn't so I gave her some Tylenol. Oh-vay.

It was like a bad dream, we heard the EXACT same thing today that we heard four months ago when we were trying to get her diagnosis. "Looks like a virus", "lets give Tylenol or Motrin", "let's watch it for a few days", etc. It was a very crappy feeling to be in the same room hearing those same words :-(

Either way...I hope whatever it is that is causing her to get so warm goes away. We go back to Omaha Wednesday for Charli's scans...I was hoping to celebrate her birthday without any thought about the scans, probably wouldn't have happened either way.

Today we got a great gift from someone. A 15 minute video was made of various pictures and phrases taken from Charli's is beautiful. I am going to TRY to find a way to get it online so all of you can see it too, it is amazing. One of the songs that was selected to go with the music was our first dance at our wedding...ironic! There were so many touching pictures on the video and the music that was chosen was perfect. THANK YOU JENNIFER for making the gift for us, we feel very special!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a great idea! I would love to see that video that was made for you. Praying that Charli is feeling well for her BIG DAY this weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLI!!