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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm sad...

Let me preface this with saying, I know I am emotional today.

I went to Burger King to grab a sandwich after work today (I guess this is what I get for fast food) and left in tears. Some of you know that Burger King has National Childhood Cancer Awareness month in July. You donate $1 to childhood cancer research and in return you get a scratch ticket, that gives you something each time in return. The smallest 'prize' is $1 off your meal, which pays for your ticket. Chad and I give all we have when we go there.

Today I watched 10+ people scowl when asked if they could donate $1 for this cause. It literally broke my heart. Some of these people had children or grandchildren with them even. And, even someone I know said no. I was so saddened that I bought tickets to cover those who said no...all the money I had at least. I just couldn't believe it.

I know that these people maybe bought 50 of them yesterday, or donate thousands to another cause, but it just hurt my feelings the way they said no.

Today is the last day of the promotion (I believe it is only through July)...and I want to go buy a hundred more tickets just to make up for those who have passed by the opportunity.

I know that everyone can't give to every cause...but $1 won't break you if you are going out to eat - and you would get the money back in product from the same place. I am so sad right now...I am rambling, I know.


stacy from michigan said...

Okay I am in tears and I feel the need to go Burger King...I understand your feelings...but I feel those who have never been touched by NB or any other childhood cancer, just don't get that it could happen to their children, grandchildren, neighbor, friend, etc. They just don't understand the big picture of kids and cancer!! My kids and I are on are way to take Emily to dance class and on our way home...we are going to BK!!! Hope your day gets brighter...You are a wonderful person!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stacy - it doesn't hit home for some people until they actually have someone they know go through something like this. I eagerly volunteer through my neighborhood for March of Dimes, Heart Fund, and contribute to cancer, diabetes and other charitable causes. Without our help, research cannot go on.

I didn't realize how many children were affected by NB or other childhood cancer until I started following your journal entry and other caringbridge websites.

You and your husband are wonderful parents and Charli is such a precious little girl.

I will keep Charli and all the rest of the NB kids in my prayers.

Hope your day gets better.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish we had a BK in our area. That breaks my heart too Brenda. I have a friend who is really struggling financially (ah the college years) and even she gives what pennies she has left over to a worthy cause. To me its not the saying no part - but the annoyed look is the thing that bothers me. I pray they will never have to know the burden of childhood cancer. If everyone in America gave a dollar every week we wouldn't have a underfunded research problem.

Ps - When Cold Stone Creamery does their Make A Wish fundraising I always make sure to donate - so it may not be at BK, but we are contributing.

Consider yourself hugged from washington state!


Anonymous said...

....thinking of you guys more than ever today!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! love~aunt manda & uncle brad

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know about this promotion Brenda. I think I've gone to BK in July, and I don't recall ever being asked. If I had I would have donated. On similiar note...Dairy Queen is donating a percentage of every blizzard bought on August 9th to Children's Miracle Network. Although not cancer related per say, they help out a lot of childhood cancer patients.
It is sad and frustrating when people are so insensitive, and I'm sorry you had to witness that.