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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


well, I don't have a lot to report!

We had a dr. appointment last night - he said mom and baby were still doing well. I got the test results back from the Strep B test they do around 37 weeks. I came back positive...he has only had one other person be positive for it, so we were all a little surprised. I wasn't expecting this, so I hadn't done much research on the subject (not like me!!) but for those of you who were pretty much like me and didn't know what this meant here is a brief rundown...

"Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacteria that is found in the lower intestine of 10-35% of all healthy adults and in the vagina and/or lower intestine of 10-35% of all healthy, adult women. Group B Strep should not be confused with Group A Strep, which causes strep throat. A person whose body carries Group B Strep bacteria but who does not show signs of infection is said to be "colonized" with Group B Strep. GBS colonization is not contagious. GBS bacteria are a normal part of the commonly found bacteria in the human body. Normally, the presence of GBS does not cause problems. In certain circumstances, however, Group B Strep bacteria can invade the body and cause serious infection; this is referred to as Group B Strep disease."

What this means is that I will have to be treated with a course of antibiotics as soon as labor starts to prevent passing this to the baby. The odds are about 1% that something will be passed to the baby, only a small fraction of that 1% is worthy of concern. What makes this a little different is that I will need to make sure to get to the dr. as soon as possible once my water breaks, because that is when the meds need to be started.

My feet and hands were pretty swollen this week – if that doesn’t improve by next week he is going to do some lab work…whatever that means!

On a HAPPY and EXCITING note…I am getting a one hour and 15 minute pedicure tonight! I have never gotten one at the salon I am going to – but have heard they have a great massage chair they put you in!!

Guess that is all for now! Chad took a picture of me last night, I better post it later. I have really grown! I will also post a picture of my pretty toes – if they are pretty enough!

Ta-ta for now!

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