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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

picutres :-)

yeah...I know I am a house compared to the last picture. Chad didn't give me the best notice before taking the picture...I look surprised don't I?!!!

I have a beachball in there!

And...on a different note - this is the NEW purse I bought myself after my pedicure tonight!!! I guess I thought I deserved pampering today :-)


Anonymous said...

You certainly did deserve the purse.........a person should get a new purse at least once every few days ( said that for Chads' sake). That one looks like it could double up as a diaper bag if you wanted it to. May come in handy.

Brenda & Chad said...

nah...although I could say that to justify buying it - it's really too small to double as a diaper bag. Well, it could probably fit a few diapers and wipes - but that is about it!!!

i haven't bought a new purse since winter - so I think I am doing pretty good!!!!!

Cindy said...

Brenda, I think you are looking great! I love you idea of pampering. I need to try a manicure and a new purse for myself too. Maybe today! :)

Cindy (aka nightboat from babyfit)

Anonymous said...

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