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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Okay, so I woke up and thought...wouldnt it be neat to compare myself in the same outfit as someting I was wearing earlier in my pregnancy? So, I put on my jeans and tank that I had taken two other pictures in ....and I am.

You know, I think pregnancy messes with your brain because I don't see myself as fat as the camera does! I think usually a person thinks they look bigger than they actually do....but I obviously have pregnancy denial going on...because dang - I am fluffy and until I see pictures of myself...I really have no idea! :-( So here are the two pictures of me in the same outfit (shirts in different colors) about self-punishment. ..

Please, try not to laugh too hard. Chances are either #1 when you were pregnant you had these moments too, or #2 when you are pregnant you will have these moments too :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a silly girl and you are only making yourself feel worse. Of course, you are getting bigger ( babies don't come in little packages, you know).
In a month, you can try the same clothes on and report back. Then you can feel good about yourself!!

Still look happy and cute!!

P>S> can't tell that this is from your Mother, can you??

The Preister's said...

good idea - i wll have to remember to do that :-) thanks mom!

Anonymous said...

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