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Monday, July 10, 2006


Well…we had lamze this weekend! And, let me tell you – if you want to see someone get ‘hot’ real fast, ask Chad how it went!! He thinks the class was pointless and had no merit whatsoever! He said that he didn’t learn one thing in that class, and that I had taught him all of those things throughout the pregnancy.

Although I will never admit it to him, he is partially right! I was not impressed by what we were taught – we only paid $25 for it, so I can’t complain too much! It was nice to be re-educated on some issued. The part I walked away from remembering the most about was the 30 minutes session on car seat safety.

The Columbus hospital gives a lot of education at the time of registration, and I don’t think Norfolk does that – so that is why so much was duplicated. However, the Columbus class costs closer to $60…but now I think it would have been worth it – if we would have learned something. Oh-well, it is over…but boy Chad will still complain about it if he has an ear to listen!

On a different note – I cleaned the house this weekend and got all the baby things ready to go!! I dusted everything, cleaned all the counters, cleaned mirrors, Chad cleaned the kitchen floor, and vacuumed. We have a clean house – top to bottom!! We get our carpets cleaned Friday, and sometime before then we are going to try to get the windows/doors cleaned as best we can – we are both ½ invalids you know!! But we should be able to get a majority of the ones we notice!! This will be the first time the entire house is clean – and looks good…it will feel brand new!

We are so anxious for this baby to come, I can hardly stand it. How bad will it be when I am merely days away and not weeks…that will feel like an eternity I am sure!

I need to have Chad take a picture of my ever rounding belly to show, I think its been nearly two months…so I am probably a house to most of you!

I have a dr. appointment tomorrow night…but it will be pretty routine so I probably won’t post anything…but who knows!

Everybody together now….breath in two, three – and out two three, in two, three – out two, three!!! (that was probably the highlight of Chad’s day!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Chad probably didn't feel much different than most "new daddies" do at that class. But then the daddies are not the ones going through the delivery either. Just be thankful he went with you. Some Mothers may have to be alone through the whole thing ( oops---like I guess I was for the first one). I assume he will get to be in the delivery room with you.......probably should check with the dr. about that one since his surgery.

The Preister's said...

mom - you are right...I am thankful he went. But, dad had a reason not to be there -- like he was accross the country! Chad's excuse would not have worked with me!

I KNOW I need to mention Chad's situation to the dr...but I am afraid of the answer. What if they say he can't be in the room -- #1 it will CRUSH chad, #2 he would NEVER forgive me b/c that is one reason he didn't want to have surgery now b/c he didn't want to miss anything with the baby.

I am torn - I know it is for the baby's health...but I am still kind of scared. Great, now I am nervous about that...and my appointment isn't for anohter 26 hours (but whos counting!)

Anonymous said...

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