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Monday, July 24, 2006

amazing thoughts :-) Chad and I are sitting on the couch tonight and this is what comes out of his mouth...

"this past sunday we were carefree and just running around doing whatever we wanted to. next sunday we could be running around without a clue trying to learn how to change diapers!"

what a difference a week can make! I often am amazed by how much life changes in a year, thinking about how much life has changed in the past year for people around me. and now i am thinking, how much difference one day will make in our lives once this baby makes his/her appearance!

the closer we get to the big day the more scared I am getting! i am blessed to know so many great can i live up, how can i be one of them?!

Generally before I do something, I feel like I have had some sort of 'training'...but i can honestly say that i don't know what I will do when I realize this baby is ours for keeps - and someone isn't coming to pick him/her up after a few hours.

really...the next post I make on here, could have pictures of the about making this whole pregnancy a reality :-)


Anonymous said...

I can reassure you, you will know what to do with the may take a few hours before reality sits in. I do remember getting home and thinking.........OH MY is up to ME now. Prayer and Patience are two very good "P" words for the next few months and then the "L" words will come automatically........."Love" and "Laughter"

Cindy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have a feeling you will be one of those "great" moms...don't you worry. ;-)

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the new parents!
much love to all three of you!
-sadie and aiden