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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July

I had a dr. appointment this morning - and all is find and dandy. Nothing new to talk about I guess. We are just playing a waiting game with mother nature now.

I am 36 weeks, the baby is considered term at 37 weeks - so technically anytime after this weekend if I went into labor the dr. would let me go. however, the due date of July 30th is at 40 weeks. (which if you do the math is 10 months, for those who don't trust me when I say that)

Our dr. said that the baby is still dropping, but is not engaged in the pelvis yet. Baby kind of pops up and down on any given day!

Last week we pre-registered at the hospital...that was kind of fun! I got to write down who could come into the labor room - there was even a spot that said "Who can absolutely not..." I thought that was funny! We got lots of neat samples of different things from snacks for mom, bottle, diaper, pacifier, formula, diaper bag, dreft, etc. We also got to ask a lot of good questions to the nurse who helped us, it was exciting!

I have started to pack my bag for the hospital. I wanted to make sure I have certain things packed so Chad doesn't have to do it (face wash, body wash, lotion, chapstick), things that wouldn't even register for him to think of packing for me if he needs to! I did put a few pair of socks and t-shirts in there - and it made me a little sad. Silly I know...but for the past 8 1/2 years and has only been Chad and I - and although we can not wait to have this baby...and we want nothing more than for him/her to make their entrance, it is a big change. I know our relationship will grow stronger and be just great - that isn't what makes me emotional...just the change itself. All we have ever known is each other...and now we are adding someone into our little circle (can you make a circle with just two people??!!) I said I know it sounds silly - but it is what it is. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I can not wait to have a baby in our lives and this does not mean in ANY way that I regret anything...I am just very aware of this big change in our lives as the time gets closer!

I guess I am just going on and on about nothing now - better get going :-)

I hope everyone has a great 4th!


Anonymous said...

Emotions will be running on "high speed" for awhile...........and we all understand that ( we females anyway,). Before long it will seem like the baby has always been in your lives.

Brenda & Chad said...

we can't wait :-) !!!!!!!!!

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