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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OH MY....

I am so glad I don't have to travel more than 3 minutes to my dr. or I would be frustrated with my appointments! I guess this is a good thing that there are no complications, but geeze - it is hard to believe there is nothing he can tell me!!

NO WEGHT GAIN....what's that, you didn't hear me? I DIDN'T GAIN ANY WEIGH!!!! I know, you are was only one week - you shouldn't. Well, don't rain on my parade!!

Really, no news to report. Again he said the magic words "if you make it to your next appointment..." that really rings beautifully in my ears...but I won't get too excited over it - since he said it last time and I am still here!!

Baby will come in due time, I know this - but it gets hard to wait! I am thankful for feeling so good and having such a great pregnancy, I shouldn't complain at all. But, I am human :-)

Check out the cute pictures! Wynston is playing with his little green bear...don't get between him and his little green bear! And Kasper...well he was helping me fold baby clothes - he got nice and comfy on this warm bobby cover :-)

What cute little babies :-)


Anonymous said...

You do have cute boys-hint, hint!!

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