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Thursday, July 06, 2006

a NEW and IMPROVED (??) daddy...

Some of you may know already, but Chad had surgery in Omaha yesterday afternoon. We weren't planning on this at all, but it worked out...and so far it has been a blessing.

We went down for a very late (nearly 2 years later) follow up from a surgery he had just before the wedding - infection popped back up and we wanted to get it looked at before the baby was born. When we got there, the dr. said he wanted to do the same type of surgery he did about 2 years ago - and the sooner the better!

The Dr. made it work so he could get it taken care of that same afternoon. So - we bummed around Omaha for a few hours (bought a new diaper bag!) and then he got prepped for surgery. He was in for about 1 1/2 hours, and the dr. let him come home the same night. That part sounds odd I know, but for all of us who know Chad - it is pretty typical!

I did his first bandage change this morning - and everything looked very good. I will spare you the pictures!

Anyway - I know some of you wanted an update, so I thought this would be easiest! He is doing very well - and Dr. Fitzgibbons seems to be our miracle dr. for the second time. What a blessing to have found him.

So - now when baby comes - I hope he/she will get the best there is of Chad now...and we won't have to worry about sharing him with the hospital once the new arrival comes!


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