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Sunday, July 12, 2009

what you said...?

Charli says some funny things...

Instead of saying "what did you say" she will say (after saying WHAT a hundred times!!), 'what you said?"

Every time she sees a church steeple she asks if that is where we got married. The one she sees most often is the Humphrey St. Fran steeple, and she says that is where she is going to get married. I asked her how many times, she said something like "7", or maybe even "9"!

When she wants something she will offer to give you a million dollars. She will reach into her pocket and slap your hand, as if to give you the money, and then expect whatever it was she wanted to begin with.

She says "thank you mommy" for the slightest of things, even when I get more milk at the store!! She said to me today - "when we run out of milk again mommy, I will give you forty dollar to get more at the store mommy". And trust me when I tell you that she keeps a running list in her little head of things I tell her I need to get at the store (like anything we are "out of" when she needs it so badly...bandaids, suckers, candy, etc!!)

She says "harfer" for Harper :-)

She has recently learned that her Aunt Amanda's name is also Amanda Jo!

She is absolutely loving her baby brother, and wants to be around him all the time! When we go places she holds his hand in the car the entire trip.

She doesn't forget anything. She talks about he circus all the time, and tells me daily "I had much fun at the circus mommy"!

When she wants you to play something with her she will say "mommy you have to say 'can I please play with your balloon"...and when I do she will say "okay mommy, thanks for asking"! :-)

She is very polite and very vocal - telling us "when she is not very happy" or when she is "so happy"! She is a joy to be around, and although sometimes it can be a little stressful to have a 3 year told and newborn...she makes all the moments that are hectic, fun!!! I absolutely love her to pieces and am so proud she is all mine :-)


Deqlan said...

you to cute Charli , holding "Harfers" little hand, i know you going to be the best of friends! Stay the cute, clever gorgeous Charli you are!

Anonymous said...

What a fun granddaugher ------and don't forget the tree story.
"What did Grandpa do to your tree"---she should see how pretty the flowers look now.

The Hudcaps said...

I wish I had written down all the funny things said at our house!!
Cute pics!!

The Hudcaps said...

By the way, I love your stick people. But.... you didn't put your puppies in there!