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Monday, July 27, 2009

a lot to report :-)

So much has gone on around our place since I posted last I don't even know where to start and what to say! So I will let the pictures do the talking!!

this is one proud little girl of her know why see the video below!

even Harper likes Dora!! size for size...Charli is like Dora and Harper is like boots!!!

riding a pony at he platte co me that there is a pony under there - not a great picture!!!! I was too busy looking at her beaming smile! About half way through she was ready to get off and as she went around I said "Charli do you love riding the horse" and she said - plain and simple "NO!" :-) (but she really did!)

book time with grandma and grandpa...both kids got to read "Lama Lama, Mad at Mama"! Charli's new favorite!

a sweet moment caught for once!!

Charli got to go swimming with Aunt Amanda at the indoor waterpark in town!

she loves him!

ahhh, she is ready to be his little mommy

dad took this picture - not sure what they were doing, but it made her smile!

swimming in the water with grandma and grandpa on our camping adventure

enjoying her first ear of corn this summer!

silly face!

oh my little!

aunt amanda, uncle brad, and braxton topped off Charli's sandbox with PURPLE sand for her birthday this year (on the 28th) - she though it was pretty cool!! For those of you who know what moon sand is, it is more like moon sand than regular sand...and you probably know what that means!!!!

Charli got this for her birthday too (along with a hand-vac) and she was showing me how to use it! You laugh...but she really was :-)

three little girls and a boy make this!!

Charli got this basketball hoop for her big day too!!!


a very mad little girl because I wouldn't let her take both bags of books to Lynn's house!

happy birthday to you, Charli!

I promise that the parts of the cake Charli licked did not get served!!

she was SO excited, as you can see by the smile!!

she picked out her ice-cream cake!

the four little girls at the party!!

ohhh, she was SO happy to get this video of the Three Little Pigs, she loved it!!

the "3" musketeers!

Video of Chad at our camping "Adventure" last weekend!! I didn't get it all on video but I think you get the idea!! Charli was so proud of him, and I was nervous for him!!


AndreaChad said...

Chad is one brave man. I am so jealous that you got to go to Timberlake to stay :( I looked at that a few weeks back when I took kids to camp for church and decided there was no way I would have the guts to do that! Awesome video! Looks like Charli had a great birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Charli had a GREAT birthday party, yeah!!! Now that she has cleaning supplies, you can back off on the idea of hiring a cleaning lady, right?

The Wiechman's said...

Happy birthday Miss Charli! Looks like you had a wonderful party! Keep sending those pictures Brenda, I love them all!

stacy from michigan said...

July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to US!!!

Wishing you a day full of happiness, cake and presents too!!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy 3rd b-day charli, You are such a good big sister.

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

What fun we had at Timberlake! I think Chad was Mandy-Jo's inspiration! Charli's party was so nice Brenda...I missed not sending the balloons off with a wish this year. Maybe you guys did that later. Great pictures...again!