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Thursday, July 09, 2009

mommy you have to say...

We have had a busy and fun week at our house! Charli has been home all day all week while Lynn and Lonnie enjoy a vacation! I wasn't sure how this would go as I am tired and Charli never is!! But she has been great. And, I am so proud to say she is NOT plopped in front of Dora all day...although I thought she might be because of me doing other things. She has done a lot of growing up in the last three weeks. OH MY, three weeks!!!! That is not to say we don't butt heads, I guess that is the mother daughter curse that lasts until she is what, 20? Dear God, I hope she is a better daughter than I was. I would be holding back if I didn't admit that when 6:00 hits and Chad walks in the door, I am thankful for the break and ready for it too!!

She has a great imagination that range from conversations on the phone with grandma (by the way grandpa it is NOT VERY NICE to call grandma naughty she says!!), walks with her babies, naming her dolls, and sharing her nap time dreams with me!

Because I hope to lay down for about 10 minutes before Harper wakes up, and while Charli just went down for a nap...I will cut the cute stories short! I guess if you want to know how adorable (!!!) she is you will have to come see for yourself :-)!!

'baby' Braxton, Charli, and Harper

I tried to rotate this picture with no luck!! Braxton and Harper (7 weeks apart)

taking her babies for a walk

still cleaning that slide :-)

" he said I love you big sister!!!"

Harper and his cousin Grant (9 weeks apart)

Charli and Daddy enjoying the suckers they got from the pinata!


ahhh, this is the good life!!

ahhhh, THIS is the life!!

1/2 of the Borg grandchildren...notice the ornery one on the right. Who does she belong to anyway...can't these people control their children??!

Charli and her newest buddy Brad at the Humphrey parade!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for helping her have a great time!!!

just hangin'

ummm, 1/2 of this picture thinks the other 1/2 is smiling with her-- I will let you decide for yourself which 1/2 is 'happy' and which 1/2 is 'less than' happy!!

she has been playing with her babies a lot this week!! It was almost nap time for this one, and her name is Lucy!!! :-)

the morning of Grants baptism

Charli and Harper. He was thrilled!


AndreaChad said...

I LOVE the pic of her holding Harper! Too cute! Who does baby Grant belong to? Glad to hear that your week has gone well at home with 2 kids! Take care!

stacy from michigan said...

You're doing the latest pics...thanks for sharing.

The Wiechman's said...

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks already! Love the pictures. I would be curious to see one of Charli at this age against one of Harper...I am glad everyone is 'adjusting' :) Take care, maybe we should try and plan a friend weekend again soon!

Deqlan said...

aw how gorgeous are these pics? you can see Charli is such a proud sister! Harper, you are to gorgeous and the rest of the cousins to! lovely to see Braxton doing well Brenda! Sending you hugs and prayers always, Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Rachelle said...

I love the picture of Harper with his hands behind his head! Too cute! Charli looks like she has been having a great time! Glad things are going well - hope you got some nap time in!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

It has been a while since I was on your site. Love all the great pictures. I really love the one of Charli in the chair...Grma may have to do a sketch or painting of that one. Thank you for keeping us updated with news and pictures, Brenda! Hope you were able to rest some! XXXOOOPPP

The Hudcaps said...

Love those pics!! Charli is a very busy sister!!