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Saturday, July 04, 2009

two weeks....

So it's been two weeks, and I have only taken about 200 pictures. At this point with Charli I think I wore my camera out!! Of those 200 pictures half are probably from the Relay, which I need to update about soon too! Eventually :-)

Harper has been a good little guy for us. And, aside from his legs being too little for the newborn diapers we haven't had any major issues!! I have realized, somewhat happily, the letters NB to me now mean newborn...and not just neuroblastoma.

Charli has fallen in love with her brother and is taking good care of him :-)

if she can manage the grocery cart and stroller I guess I should be able to too!!

B&B Repair...tuff enough to tow your truck :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry Chad, had to!)

what a happy dad! his three loves :-)

one minute before this picture Chad said to me "this is the life"!

sorry Jen... :-)

my little family!

they are the same size, but Wynston still has a good pound on him!

bath time for baby!

this is what a 3 year old looks like when she pouts because she can't go down the "big slide" because there are too many bugs outside!! (yep, she is outside anyway, I know!!)


Sheila Ferrell said...

You should "know" by now that I am a softy. The picture of Chad and your precious babies laying on the couch made me cry. I wish all parents would realize that our children our unique and special gifts. We GET to be their parents and as much as they should honor us as parents we should honor them a tenfold as our children.
Chad and Brenda, you both are fabulous parents and I pray that each day you feel blessed as you watch your children grow, discover the world around them and run to you with open arms. Congratulations on your special blessings.
Love, hugs and sweet baby kisses from South Texas, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Great pics Brenda! I love the one of Chad on the couch with his kiddos. You're truly blessed and am happy to hear Charli is loving her little brother!! I knew she would make a great older sister!! Hope you had a great 4th of July! It's been crummy here. HUGS to you ALL!

stacy from michigan said...

Continued prayers and blessing to the Preister Family...I too love the picture on the couch...and I agree with Chad...there is nothing better!!! Enjoy this precious time.

Natalie said...

Cute pics...except you left Chad's first love out of the "love" picture...YOU! :) I love the pic of them on the couch too...sweet. Looks like things are going well, I knew Charli would come around! Who can resist that face??

Rachelle said...

Wow - Harper is getting so big already! Great pics - glad your new family is settling in good together! :o)

The Wiechman's said...
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The Wiechman's said...

I love the pictures! Hope we can meet the little guy soon!

Anonymous said...


I loved all of the pictures. Charli's smile is so beautiful, and Harper is growing up already! Loved your comment about the NB. I mailed you some NB, so I hope they still fit! AJ

RLH said...

This one is for Chad --- I noticed the left bicep is a little smaller --- you need to work that one a little harder. Just an idea try some Harper curls :-) LOL